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Wound Care Question - Really itchy stitches

I got many stitches about 6 days ago and they are so incredibly itchy.
i understand in the healing process they may be ithcy.. but i didnt know it was this bad. is it meant to be?
I am getting them checked in 4 days but when i was getting them done the doctor said they may be able to tbe taken out in 15 days instead of 10.
the doctor also told me not to take the dressing off the area so i cant really put any creams on it.
im not sure i can put up with this itchyness for 4 more days. is there anything i can do? or could there be somethign wrong with the wound?
thanks in advance :)

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I think it is normal that they itch a lot.
. Pressure sometimes helps with itching, just press GENTLY on the dressing with your hand. DONT rub or itch it though as you could do some damage. Go to a walk in clinic and get them to have a look if you can't wait til you see the doctor, they might be able to put some cream on for you and then redress the wound properly to stop it itching so much.

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Sutures itch like hell which sucks. If it's also hot, red or oozing (i know both red and oozing will be hard to tell if you can't take the dressing down) or if you feel generally unwell then i'd get to the clinic because they could indicate an infection. but like makedamnsure said go back to the clinic if you can't handle it, they'll have a better idea of which creams won't irritate it further. An ice pack over the area can also help.
Sorry i'm not much help.

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if you feel like it's an issue, you can always try and get an appt with ur doctor a bit earlier, so ur doc can assess the wound and see if stitches may come out sooner than later, which might also help with the itchness too.

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Like Jem said you could always try and get an earlier appt if it's getting worse or is getting (more) unbearable. I'm sorry that things got to the point where you cut hun *hugs*

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Yeah, a certain amount of itching is normal in the healing process. However, if it is more than you feel ok with then i would suggest going to get it checked out, just to make sure it is ok, especially if you have been told not to take off the dressing and therefore cannot check if it 'looks ok' yourself :)

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sometimes putting a cold damp cloth over the dressing (if its waterproof one) can help take a bit of the itchyness away *cuddles lots*

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Just wanted to say I agree totally with the advice given above.

Just something I've thought of is as you can't take the dressing off looking for redness/ swelling around the dressing or feel over the top to see if that area feels slightly hotter than the same area on the other side of your body may help as a guide for infection. Also, if there is discharge leaking through the dressing then the dressing will have to be changed asap; just use a similar type but if that is the case then it's probably worth getting a nurse to check it over.

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thank you all for your advice and support :) it is very helpful.
it keeps feeling randomly watery and i had a peek through the bandage and checked it. i had to change the dressing coz it was looking like it needed it and was leaking a bit.
I am getting them checked tomorrow which is good so hopefully its all good.
by the way... the ice pack idea works nicely x

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The watery feeling maybe it weeping which is totally normal as it feels like water and your body produces fluid during the healing process.

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