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So what happens if you are put into an psychiatric ward ?

So im hope i am useing the correct language when writting on here if not please forgive me.
So well i am wondering .... what happend if you get put into a psychatric ward, How you get put into one, Can you reqwest 'spC' to be put into one, Once youre in there what do they do, What do you do and How long do you stay for and any more infornation would be greatly appreatied.

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I was in a psychiatric hospital three months ago. I was in the adolescent unit, so it's different than the adult unit. They kept me for four days. We had group every morning. People were aloud to visit for two hours everyday. Throughout the day, we did different things. Sometimes, we would watch videos about mental illness and other times, we would do recreational therapy. And I chose to go there on my own, because I was unsafe. If you have any other questions, just pm me. I hope you're ok. x

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sherlock holmes
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I have been in and out of psychiatric hospitals for two years. I first went into one when I tried to commit suicide and ended up in hospital. The duty psychiatrist saw me and found me a bed in my local psychiatric ward because I was deemed too unsafe to remain at home.

Basically during the day there are various occupational therapy groups you can go to if you want, because it gets quite boring on the ward otherwise. There were two television rooms and books and stuff too. I had my own bedroom because I was the youngest on the ward. We were also allowed outside to smoke.

We saw our psychiatrist in ward round once a week where our level of observation could be changed and we discussed leave from the ward and medication etc.

My longest stay in a psych ward was six months when I got sectioned. The shortest was around a week and a half.

Yes you can ask to be admitted to a psych ward if you feel you are unsafe and the psychiatrist will decide if it is beneficial or not. It will also depend on if there are enough beds available.

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The articles on the main site here will answer most of your questions. :)

Moved on. Take care.

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I was arrested and brought to the hospital ,and made stay there against my will ,thanks mainly to my family .Its not a nice place if you dont want to be there.You have to and I mean have to take a lot of medication ,and you can have visitors ,and theres usually a tv room ,and occupational therapy as others were saying.
You have around the clock treatment ,nurses always there to look after you ,and doctors once a week for clinic.Its always good to have a decent book cos its one of the most boring places on earth if you arent allowed out for walks .
Edit they took my slippers off me so I couldnt go anywhere ,and if you dont take your meds ,they hold you down and inject you ,but I dont know about England.

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The Hierophant
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Originally Posted by reallifetime View Post
You have to and I mean have to take a lot of medication ,and you can have visitors ,and theres usually a tv room ,and occupational therapy as others were saying.

I have only had medication forced into me once, the other times i have been able to refuse & it hasn't impacted on how long i stayed there.
not every where forces you to be medicated.

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I did say at the end of my reply that I didnt know about England .

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It depends on all sorts of things, really. For example, which country/area you live in, what your problems are like, all sorts of different varying things.

You can ask to be put in a psychiatric ward but that doesn't necessarily mean you'll be admitted. In the UK, a doctor will want to talk with you, or the Home Treatment Team (basically, whoever is in charge of bed-management) though they generally like to keep people out of hospital. If you are deemed unsafe, or that you would benefit from an admission, they'll admit you in.

On my ward, once you're admitted they will look at your medication because this is a big part of treatment on an acute ward. They might change your medication if they feel this would help. I have "ward round" once a week where I speak to a consultant psychiatrist who is joined by his SHOs (junior doctors) and a nurse from the ward, and sometimes a pharmacist. This is just a review of how things are. I sometimes invite my mum. I am also assigned a keyworker (a nurse) and a coworker (usually a nursing assistant) who I can turn to if I need to talk, and am offered time to talk with a nurse if I need to, and have a care plan looked at weekly. They think with me about treatment, forward planning etc.

Activity-wise, there's an Occupational Therapist who comes to the ward and does various things like arts and crafts, quizes, going out for walks, relaxation, other stuff, and there is a TV and Nintendo Wii, pool table and football table. We can also go to the day unit downstairs to do some groups. Otherwise, it's REALLY boring!

I normally stay for a couple of weeks, but I've had much shorter admissions to the acute ward, and some longer ones too.

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I was sectioned into a psychiatric ward when I was around 12/13.
You can either go willingly, or forced. Depending on your age, too, and where you're from.
We had routine and educated for those under 16.
We'd get up, have breakfast, tidy our rooms, hang out in the lounge area, all that sort of stuff.
Personally, I hated a lot of my time there.
But that's just my experience.
They can be good, depending where you are though.

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