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Fallen Rain
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Eating Disorder - Purging effects on teeth damage minimisationq

Hi, I hope this is ok to post, I have looked at the FA articles.

I'm very worried about the effects my purging by vomitting might be having on my teeth, I wondered if anyone could tell me if there's anything I can do the limit the damage done by purging. Realistically I cannot just stop purging at this point, whilst I do want to work towards that in the future. I have read that you shouldn't brush your teeth after purging, and I also know I'm showing the signs of damage (sensitive teeth, aches etc). So basically I was wondering are there any vitamins, or tooth thingies I could take, or would it be worth brushing my teeth more often, what sort of things can I do to take better care of my teeth whilst I am purging?

Thanks in advance, and big apologies if this breaks any rules, I'm just about to double check them.

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this isn't medical advice, i actually don't even know if it's a good idea, but i brush my teeth before i purge so at least there's kind of a layer of toothpaste on my teeth to protect them. also it might help to use mouthwash or a little sodium bicarbonate in water to wash your mouth out with after. inevitably, purging is going to cause tooth damage but you know that.

also, it might be worth considering switching to a toothpaste like Sensodyne Pronamel, a daily toothpaste "specifically designed to help protect teeth from the effects of acid erosion." (though i don't think they've considered purging as one of those factors of acid erosion!)

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^ I wouldn't advise brushing before you purge (or after) because the acid from the food you eat will also damage the tooth enamel. Similarly, brushing after eating (regardless of purging) isn't advisable. Rinsing with an alcohol-free mouthwash is a good plan, or some neutralizing agents as mentioned above.

Realistically, the only way you're going to stop the damage is to not purge. There's little point working to alleviate the damage if you're still purging, but taking vitamins with calcium and not brushing will slow the damage somewhat.

I'd also advise you speak to your dentist about it. S/he may give you some extra tips/special toothpastes.

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^ thanks :) is it any good brushing your teeth before you actually eat, or would it all have worn off when you come to purge?

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The fluoride is absorbed so brushing before is a good plan :) First thing when you wake up is a good time. Before any food or drink. And last thing at night. Something I've always been taught is to rinse the mouth with water (or mouthwash) before brushing at night.

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Sensodyne Pronamel is what I use, and while it hasnt stopped the damage, its slowed it down a hell of alot, I brush with normal toothpaste morning and night, and then straight after I use that toothbrush

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After purging rinse your mouth out with just plain water.
Brush your teeth about an hour later with a pro enamal toothpaste you might find a sensitive one more use if you are having problems with senstive teeth.

As mentioned above the only way to really stop the damage is to not purge but i know thats difficult.

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