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Is this abuse or not


When I was younger about 10 years ago - age 7 or 8, my grandad used to stay at my house. As I was young I didn't know how to lock the bathroom door so my mum said to put a stool by the door so no one can get in while you are having a bath. My grandad even though he knew I was in the bath would always come in and wash his hands in the bathroom and then look at my body.

I've been having flashbacks of that since my grandads younger brother has been staying at our house- because he's just had an operation.



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If its something you didn't want, didn't understand or made you feel uncomfortable, then it sounds like it could have been a way of exploiting a young, vulnerable person. I guess it depends on other things though, like how often it happened, how long he would look for, and whether that's all he would do (ie a lot of children have fun in the bath and relatives may assist them or play together with toys, which is totally non abusive but would involve obviously seeing the child naked).

I'm sorry you're experiencing questions about this and that it is concerning you.

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I think it's up to u what to class it as, but it definitely was traumatising to u. It's ur choice whether u want to see it as abusive or general trauma, it's ur label to decide on.

I hope u come to some answer(s) sometime soon n then u can start to recover from the affects it's had on u.


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it could have been a way of exploiting a young.agree with you

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