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Contains bullying - How I beat the bullies.

I want to share my story in the hope it can help even one kid.

I'm almost 40 now , the story starts when I was about 14/ 15.

Life was unbearable, I was the typical wimpy kid trying to blend into the background just like all the other wimpy kids.

Only I did not do so well, I was kicked , punched , called disgusting name , spat on you name it.

In life you come to crossroads, mine came at 15 . I was viscously attached on the school bus. the thing that changed my thinking we this.

Everyone on the bus thought it was the funniest thing , it seemed like the whole bus was filled with laughter.

That evening I decided that I ever need to learn to fight or I need to top myself. Topping yourself is not something you can try out but learning to fight is, so I thought I would try that first.

This is something I never would of done unless my life depended on it. ( I never even liked football because it was too rough) I went and joined a boxing gym.

Now this aint karate kid, Nothing change over night but I had a life line. It turns out I was crap at boxing . people wondered why I bothered . But I had no choice. I kept training weeks , months , years ...........

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Not to be rude, but was that the end of the story? Sorry I just feel like there's more...
However, I agree with you to an extent. If you are being physically bullied and no one (school staff, managers, boss) is doing anything, learning self defense can really come in handy as long as you don't abuse it (I don't think you would but I say that so those who read about it know not to just go up and beat someone up for fun. That is not self-defense to me, that's just being a jerk). Personally I took karate since I was little up until I was about 14/15 when I got my black belt and although I've never used it to this day, it prepares you very well (and kept me somewhat in shape)

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