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Tattoo pain

I'm having a tattoo soon which will take all day. It's on my thigh, over a lot of scar tissue, and will be in full colour.

Whilst I've had my feet tattooed for several hours, I'm a bit more anxious about the pain this time due to the amount of scarring and the fact that I'm generally less dissociated from my body than I used to be. Does anyone have advice on how to manage tattoo pain over a long period of time?

I'll be bringing a friend with me for distraction and probably take painkillers but any other advice or experiences much appreciated!

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Deep breathing, music, having something to chew/bite on :)

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I second deep breathing. When I had my back piece done Marie (^) gave me a lolly to suck. It really helped regulate my anxiety over how much it was hurting.

As for over scars, I actually found it less sensitive to be tattooed over scars. There's fewer nerve endings there. Maybe it will be the same for you.

Make sure to post pictures if you're up for it! W0oud love to see.

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Leo Pard
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Snacks are good, watching a movie is good (not human centipede two though), that electrolyte juice is good (powerade or similar).

Thigh tends to be relatively easy as it's a fleshy area. Easier than foot by far! I've had three, four hourish sessions on my thighs and it was fine. Full colour as well. Over scars is good because they don't have feeling in them, so that hurts less.

Erm, not sure what else to suggest bar trying to take your mind off of it whilst it's being done. I'm pretty good mates with my tattooist(s) so we tend to chat **** and catch up on life and stuff.

Also, do not go hungover. It hurts so much more when you feel fragile.

Good luck! :]

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Thank you guys! All really helpful advice

It's quite reassuring that scars hurt less; I've heard mixed things about that but if I go in expecting it to hurt less then maybe that'll be psychologically helpful!

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I had two hours done on my thigh a few weeks ago. I know its nothing compared to a full day but I always find the first bit hurts and then the area just goes numb. It was a lot more painful on my back and I have heard feet are a bitch so if you've made it through that then you should find your thigh a breeze.

I actually love getting tattoo'd so I don't really have any advice but just think of the beautiful artwork that you will have when its over.

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That's true - I'll keep focused on the end result! You should post a pic of your new tat

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