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I should be happy *triggering*

I should be happy. My boyfriend is proposing soon (he already asked my dad for permission). But I've been anxious just about every day for a month if not more. I went to my psychiatrist yesterday and he took me off of klonopin which I've been on for 5 years and put me on librium. I feel so broken. I know I should be happy. I have a beautiful 4 month old nephew. I'm about to get engaged. But all I want to do is take the scissors on my desk and get some relief.

Self-injury is a sign of distress not madness. We should be congratulated on having found a way of surviving. - Cory Anderson

The only antidote to mental suffering is physical pain. - Karl Marx

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When good things happen it can sometimes feel like a pressure to be Well and do Well. Also, there is no Way that you 'should' be happy just because of good circumstances.

Can you talk this through with someone you trust? I Think trying that before trying the self harm might relieve some pressure.

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As someone who also takes medication, I know that I tend to feel a bit off when I change things, so I can only imagine that the change in meds must be stressful. Sometimes we feel things even when they don't make sense, but maybe it's our body's way of telling us about something that is bothering us that we haven't noticed yet? Not sure if that's the case or not, but I think Zurg's idea of talking with someone or maybe journaling about what's going on in your thoughts may be worth a shot.

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