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Psychosis How do you live with it

The Threat never goes away totally
Neither do the voices
People say it's psychosis & not real
But it is to me
And it can get **** scary when the threat increases

How do you live with your psychosis

I'm on meds & they're being increased
But psych said people can learn to live with their psychosis

Any tips or advice?

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I think that it's a case of living your life as stress free as possible as stress often makes psychosis worse.

Finding the right medication and the right dose often helps. Since being on a clopixol depot at 500mg every 3 weeks I have done brilliantly and I only hear voices for 20 mins a day. That doesn't mean that I am cured as I suffer badly from paranoia and low mood.

If despite being on a higher dose I would consider changing meds if your psychosis is still not controlled. It took me 3 different antipsychotics to find the right one. Clozapine is a highly effective antipsychotic but the downside is regular blood tests.

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I still get some psychosis and paranoia. I've found if I try to ignore them then they go away quicker. It's like the paranoia and voices thrive from attention. Put on some loud music, try and immerse yourself in a book or film or tv programme. They do go away or at least quieten down.
My psychosis isn't anywhere near as bad now I'm on clozapine. It really has been a miracle drug for me.
Maybe you need to try different meds or dosages? It can take a while to find the right one for you.

I'm fine! Totally fine. I don't know why it's coming out all loud and squeaky, 'cause really, I'm fine!

Who else is fine?!?!?

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my depot of Clopixol is due next week.
I asked psych to fax gp the new dose
so hopefully I'll get the higher dose next week
am on 600 Clopixol depo every 4 weeks and 20mg Clopixol tablets every day
so there is scope to increase still

I'm really trying to ignore the psychosis but some days it's easier to do that than others

I found some letters from Manchester's Specialist Service for Affective Disorders. I had an appt with them in 2006 and a follow up appt in 2007.
They recommended Clozapine if the other treatment recommendations didn't work.
The letters were never really paid attention to by the psych at the time. There was a lot of instability in services at the time with lots of locum psychs.

I've had my current psych for about 5/6 years I think. When I saw him on Thurs I told him about the letters and he asked me to leave copies of them at the reception at the cmht and he would read them.

I listen to music to help drown out voices and distract from paranoia.
Can't read or really watch too much tv as can't concentrate that well.
I get very anxious at the thought of reading a book or watching a tv prog.

I've been on Olanzapine, Quetiapine and Risperidone which weren't effective.
I really hope this higher dose of Clopixol will work

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yes, my psych said I need to avoid stress, which is easier said than done tbh
but am trying my best to avoid it and be mindful
my old cpn said I had a low stress tolerance
I *think* I'm slightly better these days

my psych said I'd be on medication for a long time but he said he hoped
that at some point I could try and reduce the medication. So I guess there is hope.

Thanks for all your responses

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