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Running for beginners!

Any runners out there? More specifically, any runners who went from doing no exercise other than gentle walking, to running a half marathon? I have seven months in which to train. Is this possible? How do I go about it? I am a complete novice. I will be seeking advice from a personal trainer at the gym I've just joined, but need some solid information on road running, as I understand it's very different from the treadmill.

Any information very, very welcome. I'm going into this blind.

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Me! I did a half marathon last year, which I signed up for in a rare fit of positivity and then totally regretted :P It was actually good though, and seven months is plenty of time to train. You don't need to be running it in a super amazing time, you don't even need to run the whole thing.

I would suggest that you find a training plan and stick to it as much as possible. I did mine at the Edinburgh Marathon Festival so I used their beginners' half marathon plan and it was fine (though I didn't stick to it as well as I should have :P) I'm now using their back to running 8 week plan so I can do another half! There are plenty out there, just make sure you pick one from a reputable source, and getting input from a personal trainer is definitely a good plan.

Umm. If you have any specific questions I will attempt to answer them!

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I used to run roads a lot but gave it up. A track is better. Hard roads will bang away at your hips, knees etc. There are other strange effects from roads due to the curve or crown in the road. You also have to be careful of holes, dogs, people throwing things at runners from cars - all sorts of things go on. The more a runner weighs the worse the pounding. If you like road training a bike is better - less pounding and more scenery (and you can out-pedal the dogs).

Otherwise running is like gaming when you level up. You might not feel like you're making a lot of progress and "boom" your abilities shoot up one day. Actually training/practicing for anything works like that.

I didn't like to do too much of the same things. You're body gets used to the same things. I would do some distance one day and short runs the next. Days off are important. If you're running races you would train differently (by "races" I don't mean the endless disease races people get sucked into by charities - I mean real competitions)

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There is a phone app called 'couch to 5k' which is supposed to be really good!

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I agree with all the advice given! I wasn't a completely novice when training for the half marathon, I had previously ran a lot and did a lot of exercise but had to get back into it. I woul advise to start slow and dont be put off if you don't progress as much as you'd like. It took me a while to progress to a standard I was happy with, but once I got there it was incredibly rewarding! I would also advise to try and do as much of your training on the road as you can, as opposed to a treadmill. As they are quite different and require different techniques. Also make sure you have the right support for your body and you know your body. For example I have quite weak ankles so I have to support them until I could strengthen them.

Also a healthy diet can really help when training, if you eat the right things it can help you feel a lot more energised and motivated.

As others have said as well there are so many useful apps out there for you to try! I did te zombies run but it actually scared me so I stopped :p but fear can help you run faster!

And as Hannah said, you don't even have to run the entire thing, take it at a pace you're comfortable with. Good luck!

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I used couch to 5k and it was great.

I find running on the road to be a much better workout than a treadmill. Running 3 miles on a treadmill isn't a big deal while running 3 miles outside is tough (natural hills, you set the pace and keep yourself going, etc)

Sometimes, you have to try more than once.

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I ran! Ran/walked 2 miles but it took me forever. I think you could have definitely done it all speed walking faster than that. I'm doing the Zombies Couch to 5k. The first run wasn't that challenging really, and I should have pushed myself harder. Oh well. That'll be Thursday's run!

“Our defeats are softened and our victories are sweetened because we did it together.” - Toby Ziegler.

This isn't everything you are.

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You've got this.
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Thank you. :)

The zombie one is good. The voice is really encouraging and it sounds like an interesting story so far. There's a bit of humour involved, so it make me smile a few times too.

You can enable GPS so it tracks your runs, but it's not necessary, no. I did, so I could see how far I'd gone, but it would be fine without it so long as you were OK recording your distance yourself. :)

“Our defeats are softened and our victories are sweetened because we did it together.” - Toby Ziegler.

This isn't everything you are.

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how is the running going? I have an app called runnmeter which is really good- it has plans on it, and if you go elite for £2.99 it coaches you as you run in your ear, also measures your distance and time and average pace, fastest pace etc so you can really see your progress even if it is very minor which is really encouraging.

I think it is important with running to have goals and to be able to measure and see your achievements otherwise it can become a bit demoralising if you don't 'feel' different.

I used to be able to run quite well but was out of action for a month due to depression, so I'm starting over again and am doing a 1/2 in the summer: message me if you like.

- no one in my life is really bothered by running etc so it would be good to have someone to talk to about it lol.


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I've just downloaded the Zombies couch to 5k, I'll do my first run tomorrow. This thread has got me motivated to take up running again.

Keep updating us with your progress!

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