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Constantly surrounded by dieting

Why is it that everywhere u look is dieting skinny girls weight loss strategies it's doing my head in I was at low weight but have put on a lot of weight over the last year and I mean a lot to the point I am now obese I feel disgusting in my body and seeing the world around me
I feel like such an odd and freakish individual to the point that it makes me want to hurt myself or worse still take my own life. The bigger I get the worse it is i feel trapped I just can't stop eating. I have had specialist treatment for an eating disorder for 4 years now but now my problem has switched to overeating instead of under eating no one seems to care? But to me it is the worst thing in the world and makes me so much more unsafe. I'm not sure what to do or even what the point of this post is but what I do know is I need help big time! Someone help me please.......

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I'm so sorry to hear that diet conversations are doing your head in; it does my head in too. I wish I could just turn around and tell people that there's a 100% chance that I don't care about their diet, but I rarely have the confidence to do so!

Would you be able to seek support for your over-eating from the same service that provided your specialist treatment previously? Or is that who you were referring to about no one seeming to care?

We may not see eye to eye, but we can respect each other's opinions and find the truth in them.
Perhaps in those honest conversations, instead of demonising each other,
we might see each other as imperfect humans, doing our best. ~ Jodi Picoult

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Hey thanks for your reply. Yes that's the same service that seems to not think gaining weight is an issue. It's so hard when lots of people around you talk about losing weight and appearance. I feel like a person possessed and can't stop shovelling food in my mouth when not that long ago I wouldn't put anything in my mouth. It's so hard isn't it. I've tried every strategy but nothing seems to help

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Have you explained to staff in the ED service how awful you feel? Maybe share with them how bad your body image is and how you feel out of control with your eating? They should be providing you with support irrespective of your weight.

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