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Struggling today

I have not self-harmed in a long time even when the urge has struck but today I am really struggling. Everything seems to have gone wrong today and i had several people screaming at me during a group project when i tried to mediate. I ended up having an anxiety attack and breaking down in the middle of a gym filled with people. I am stuck working with this group for several months. I have a strong urge to self harm right now and am fighting it as best i can. Im feeling very stuck and alone right now. I just moved to a new city away from all friends and family to go to school. I dont have anyone to count on right now. I just cant seem to shake these horrible feelings. I havent been on this site in a long time and feel kind of like im failing myself right now, i dont know what to do.

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It's okay to feel like that!

Can you list out the things that have gone wrong? Sometimes it helps to have a list instead of 'everything'.

Next time you have to mediate, can you maybe have more prepared and make everyone agree on a set of rules? Rules are great. Rules like "if people start yelling, the meeting is over." And then when they yell, stay calm and end the meeting. Clearly they are too emotional to get any work done.

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Hi there,

I know this was a little while ago now. How are you feeling now? Hope you can talk to us still.


Soon... Now will be then...Today will be yesterday... Present will be past...And thought will be memory... So...Live for the future! Make your future how you want it!

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Hi, Thank-you for your replies. After this post I realized that I needed to get away for a while. I went to stay with some family members for a while and completed my school work online. I am still having issues with group members not completing their portion of the work and trying to rely on me, but i have decided to just leave them on their own. I am doing my portion and not theirs. I have already informed the teacher of such. I was also able to get my accessibility worker at school to talk with the teacher. Right now my focus is on staying calm and self-harm free.

Your words did help and got me thinking things through more rationaly. I thank you for that.

Hope you are both doing well.


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