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The War With My Mind
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General Medical Question - Non Urgent - Propranolol


I take Propranolol for anxiety (120mg) 1 tablet 3 times daily. For the past 3/4 months I've been having crazy hallucinations at night or doing other weird stuff to freak my girlfriend out. Has anybody else had similar trouble with it?


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purple is a fruit
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I've never taken it myself, but i've had a couple of patients who have experienced similar things.
The reason is inpart because propranolol is lipid soluble, meaning that it can get across the blood brain barrier, and therefore affect the brain. If it's really bothering you there are other beta-blockers (the class of medications that propranolol is part of) that are not able to cross the blood-brain-barrier that shouldn't have the side effects you've described.
If it's bothering you talk to your doctor about it, they will be better able to assess the risk/benefit of each of the medications and what will work best for you :)

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Go back to your doctor.

That stuff gave me auditory hallucinations when I was a kid so I feel your pain!

But yes. Get yours docs opinion :D

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I've moved this to MH Discussion and Support as really what you're wanting is wanting to know if anyone else has had this and stuff, not what can be done about it which is more what First Aid is about.

What I would say is that for any reason if you're getting hallucinations and things then you need to see your doctor. It may be because of the propranolol but as they are only affecting you at night when this is not the only time you're taking the med and it will remain in your bloodstream the whole time I have a feelin this may be part of it but there may be something else going on.

If you want this thread moving elsewhere, even if it's back to First Aid, then contact the mods and they should be able to move it back for you again. I can only move things out of that forum, I don't have the same 'powers' elsewhere.

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Sounds like you need to get in touch with your doctor...I know it can be a side effect of the stuff though I haven't been on it myself.

Good luck && I hope they stop soon!! x

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The War With My Mind
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Thanks for all the replies. Things have calmed down now as I'm being more stricket with the time I take my last tablet. Still going to take everybodys advice and go see the doctor about it. I'm sure I shouldn't be seeing things even if I take the last tablet for that day near bedtime!

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I take 160mg for migraine. I find it doesnt affect anxiety in the slightest, and I dont find i get hallucinations either which is strange considering they think I'm schizophrenic so would assume a preedisposition to those side effects.

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