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The First Aid Team & Frequently asked Questions about the First Aid Board

The First Aid team consists of;

Animad who is a First Aid Advisor (FAA) and the head of the First Aid Team and can deal with any queries regarding the forum or First Aid/ medical questions so long as they're within the rules of the First Aid Forum.

Sneckie who is an FAA but at present does not deal with questions regarding ODs so should not be PM'd regarding these.

Pi.R^2 who takes on the role of Wound Care and Eating Disorder Advisor (WCEA) and can be PMd with questions regarding either wound care or EDs.

Flem Fatale is a Wound Care Advisor (WCA) and can be PMd about wounds.
You can contact the team via PM or at

Please note that PMs are preferable to email for various reasons and that very rarely gets checked. Also, make use of the First Aid Forum where we will answer any questions when we are next able too. However, if you are trying to locate the next available advisor, PM us all and whoever gets on first will reply to you.

Take care
First Aid Team

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First Aid Forum Frequently Asked Questions

First Aid Forum Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is RYL First Aid here for?

RYL first aid is here to help people who have questions about types of wounds, wound care, scars, and eating disorders. We also answer simple general medical questions and advise people if they need to see a doctor or

2. What is first aid?

First aid is basic medical care and advice given for a variety of problems. First aid covers anything from basic questions about how to stop bleeding to serious questions about overdoses.

3. What makes the First Aid Forum (FAF) different form the other forums?

The FAF is different from the other forums on RYL in several ways. The FAF is the only forum on RYL that has trained/certified people specifically assigned to answer all of the posts. One very big difference is that responses in the FAF are advice posts, not support posts. Lastly, the FAF has it's own set of rules that are separate from the main RYL rules.

3. Why are there so many rules in the First Aid Forum?

There is a lot of liability for Harley and RYL when we give first aid advice, and because of that the First Aid Advisors (FAAs) and the Forum Moderators have come up with additional rules to help guide people when they post.

4. If I break the rules what will happen?

Generally if you break a FAF rule your post will be edited or deleted. Sometimes a thread may be locked if the question asked goes against the rules and can't be edited. You will get a PM explaining that your post or thread has been modded. If you have any questions you can always PM one of the FAAs and they will answer your questions the best they can.

If someone deliberately breaks the rules multiple times, or breaks one of the main forum rules the Forum Moderators may issue them infraction points. This has only happened twice in the history of the FAF, and it was because the pepole involved did something that would have been punished the same no matter where on RYL they posted.

5. How come most of the threads in the FAF are so short?

Most of the threads posted in the FAF are by people who have a question and are looking for a specific answer - such as how do they bandage a wound? Often people's questions are answered within in the first 3 or 4 posts and the thread falls off the end of the board after that. The short threads do not mean that people don't get good advice, just that their question was answered quickly, so it's actually a good thing.

6. Why aren't people very supportive in the FAF?

The FAF really isn't an emotional support forum, which may make it seem cold, or makes it seem like the FAAs are not very nice. We promise that we really are though! When the FAAs reply to a post we focus on answering the medical question, and not on supporting someone or finding out why they hurt themselves most of the time. This does not mean that we don't care though!

Many people have a "home board" that they post on regularly and feel more comfortable getting support from the people they know there. Also, not all people posting in the FAF want support. Because of this we highly recommend that people make support posts on the board they are most comfortable with.

7. Doctors and Nurses have been mean to me before, how do I know you won't laugh at me or tell me off?

All of the First Aid staff came to RYL because of their own problems with SI, EDs, and mental health issues. As a group we have experienced a lot of things that other people on RYL have, and we are sensitive to the issues that people who SI experience. Because of this we will never look down on anyone for any of the questions they post in the FAF, nor will we ever get mad or tell off anyone.

8. I don't agree with the advice the FAA's have posted for someone, what can I do?

If you ever disagree with a FAA or have questions about something they have said feel free to PM the advisor so you can discuss the issue and hopefully get it resolved. If you have a complaint about a FAA please PM Animad or Bitter_Angel, the First Aid Advisors (Bitter_Angel is th Head of the FA Team, Animad is the Deputy Head). Alternatively you can also PM forum mods to discuss this further.

9. How come a FAA said the advice I gave was wrong?

Medicine is an ever evolving field. A treatment that may have been popular one year may not be popular the next year. Many treatment protocols change when new studies were done. The FAAs work to stay knowledgeable with the most current practices when it comes to wound care and medical advice, which means that sometimes when a member posts old advice they FAAs may correct them.

10. I have medical training can I be a RYL First Aid Advisor?

Yes! However, there is an application process. If you are interested in being a FAA please PM Animad or Bitter_Angel and they will let you know what you need to do to apply.

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