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Disclaimer, Forum Rules and Info On Requesting First Aid Advice -YOU MUST READ BEFORE POSTING

Medical Disclaimer

This information and advice published or made available through the web site and forums accessed through the RECOVERYOURLIFE.COM domain does not and is not intended to replace the services of a physician, nurse, or other health care provider. Nor is it intended to replace or supersede any past, current or future doctor-patient relationship, or any other professional relationship you may have with a health care provider.

As a courtesy, we do not discuss heath information with anyone who is not relevant to the issue, however, there is no expectation of privacy for any personal or health related information posted in this forum or on RECOVERYOURLIFE.COM. By posting in this forum, you accept that the information posted on RECOVERYOURLIFE.COM may be accessed by any member, and may be used in a manner other than what you may have intended.

The resources on this web site are provided for informational purposes only and are not intended as a substitute for professional medical advice. The information on this web site is not for diagnosing or treating a medical or health condition. This site is not for diagnosis or treatment of yourself or others.

You should consult a physician in all matters relating to your health, and particularly in respect to any symptoms that may require diagnosis or medical attention. Any action on your part in response to the information provided in this web site is at your discretion and is wholly your responsibility.

Readers should feel free to consult their own physicians or professional advisers concerning the information on this web site. RECOVERYOURLIFE.COM makes no representations or warranties with respect to any information offered or provided on or through the RECOVERYOURLIFE.COM web site regarding any treatments, actions, or application of medications. RECOVERYOURLIFE.COM is not liable to any parties, in any country, for any direct or indirect consequence, subsequent action, claim, loss or damage resulting from use of this web site and/or any web site(s) linked to/from it.

For the avoidance of all doubt you are responsible for your own actions.

Well it breaks my heart to see you this way,
The beauty in life, where's it gone?
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First Aid Rules - Read Before Posting & Replying

Rules For Posting

The First Aid Forum is a unique part of RYL, and because of this there have been some specialized rules developed to better cover the First Aid Forum and protect the members of RYL. All of RYL's rules still apply in the First Aid Forum.

1. If you have taken an OD, please do not share this with the First Aid Team or on the forum, the medical side of this cannot be dealt with on RYL any longer and you need to just seek help in real life at A&E, the ED/ER.

Also do not ask for advice regarding prescription medications (this includes all psychiatric/ mental health medications), information on how to take them, when to take them, what they do cannot be given, this needs to be discussed with a doctor or pharmacist. Giving advise about pharmacy only medication is at the discretion of the First Aid Team.

2. If you have harmed yourself, do not share the specific location or size, number of wounds, tools used, or graphically describe the damage done with anyone but a member of the First Aid Team via PM.

Example of what is ok: "I cut a bunch of times on my lower arm, and they are gaping a lot, how do I dress them?"

3. Please do not post links to websites or copy information from websites not approved by the First Aid Team. Please do not post RYL's First Aid articles anywhere else. A list can be found here. If you have a link you feel should be added, please PM the First Aid Team with the link and why you feel it should be added. This is to prevent both questionable/unreliable information from being posted/linked and to prevent copyright infringement.

4. Do not diagnose people based on your prior experience, or prescribe them a certain type or dose of medication to take. You may only suggest potential issues or recommend medication ideas. No one, including the RYL First Aid Team is authorized to diagnose or prescribe medication on RYL. Also, don't suggest that they need a certain medication is what they need if that is only available on prescription; you don't know the full side of the story or any other medical problems the person has and so them going to a doctor saying I need ... drug because of x and y could lead to problems as you may have other problems which could be the key to what's going on yet you overlook these (alongside the fact that if they don't know everything the diagnosis could be incorrect and you could be put on medication that could cause you damage.

Example: "My aunt had all those symptoms and then got diagnosed with xxx, so you must have xxx to."
or "You have xxx? Well you should take xxx amount 3 times a day for that"

5. Do not ask for advice for another person (3rd party advice). We can not allow information to be given out to anyone but the person who needs it due to the potential for tip sharing and information seeking. This applies to advice for both members of RYL, their children and non-members.

Example: "member xxx has sent me a PM saying they took xxx number of pills, what should I tell them to do?"

6. Advising someone to go against or disregard the instructions of a Doctor is prohibited. Because of this we cannot give advice for a condition diagnosed, or undiagnosed for which you are already under the supervision of a medical professional. Because we don't know what your doctor has told you, we have no way of knowing if the advice we give is what your Doctor would want you to do. If you have sought treatment for a condition and are continuing to have problem you need to speak with the doctor or medical professional that is treating you. The RYL First Aid Team Members are not here to replace the care of a doctor, and because of this we can not ethically and legally issue advice once you have sought treatment from a higher level of care. The exception to this rule are questions about wound care, and questions about symptoms you aren't sure about.

Example: "I went to my doctor because of xxx problem, but he didn't do anything about it, what should I do?"
or "My doctor told me I have xxx problem, and told me to do xxx, but it's not helping, can you think of anything else to make me better?"

Example of what IS allowed: "I have an ED which I see a doctor for. Recently I've been getting xxx, could this be related?" or "I saw the doctor about this wound, and they told me xxx, but now I have xxx, should I go back to the doctor or not?"

7. Please do not post asking us to explain test results or scans that your doctor has ordered. They need to be explained by your doctor, who knows your medical history and why they ordered the tests/scan. Many tests and scans need to be physically seen in order to be properly explained as they are very technical and specialized and we will not be able to give you accurate information. Any thread posted in violation of this rule will be locked.

Example: "My doctor had me do this scan, and the person who did the scan didn't explain anything, so can you tell me
what this means?"

8. Only members of the First Aid Team have been authorized to give official information on RYL. Please do not claim to have first aid training or certifications without first becoming authorized. Also, only members of the First Aid Team can give out medical advice via PM. Members should not PM anyone other than a First Aid Team member to ask for advice and also non team members should not PM other users to ask about their problems or claim to help. We understand that many people on RYL have first aid training or knowledge and we respect that, however, we have this rule to protect RYL from someone who may be less than honest about their medical knowledge/training. For example someone claiming to be a doctor or nurse who really isn't. Alongside this, please do not ask people if they have medical training or similar as this is then likely to lead to them breaking a rule without them realising. People who aren't in the First Aid Team do not have had specific training to be able to answer questions on here (regardless of whether they have medical qualifications or not) so asking them for advice, or them giving it, via PM (or by means other than publicly on the First Aid Forum) can be dangerous for all users involved.

Example: "I'm a student doctor so you should listen to me, you have xxx disease, and you need to stop taking xxx medication because it will make it worse."

Example: "You've said all of these things in your posts but have you got any medical or first aid training?"

Example: I'm not a member of the team but I've been reading your thread and just thought I'd PM you to give you advice about your xxx problem.

9. Never give advice which discourages someone from going to the hospital or which gives them the belief they can deal with something alone at home when a specialised techniques is needed. The whole purpose of the First Aid Forum and its associated services is to try and get people help. We understand that the majority of self-harmers don't want to go to hospital but at times they really need to. Also, some things such as closing a wound with closure strips may be fine to do at home but when it comes to stitching a wound, this is a specialised technique which is dangerous for anyone to carry out and people don't have the right equipment in almost all households to do it affectively.

Example: "Yes, that is quite bad and it may be better if you get it looked at but if you do they may put down you have mental health problems on your medical records which could cause you a lot of long term problems in the future and it may not be worth it especially if it is for something you may be able to at home".

Violating these rules, along with the forum wide RYL rules may result in the post being edited or deleted.

Thank you, The First Aid Team.

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Well it breaks my heart to see you this way,
The beauty in life, where's it gone?
And somebody told me you were doing okay,
Somehow I guess they were wrong.

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Tips For Requesting First Aid Advice.

Here is a small list of things you should try to include when contacting a First Aid Advisor, or when posting in the First Aid Forum. This information will help us to give you more accurate advice as quickly as we can.

All items highlighted in RED are to be discussed about ONLY in email and PM to the First Aid Team ONLY

  • Exact location (Email or PM only)
  • Size (Depth, length, and width) (Email or PM only)
  • Problem (Why you need help)
  • How long ago they where made
  • What they where made with (Email or PM only)
  • Problem (Why you need help)
  • What treatment has been received (either at home or the hospital)
  • Exact location (Email or PM only)
  • How long ago they where made
  • How they were made (Email or PM only)
  • Problem (Why you need help)
  • What treatment (home or hospital) you have received.
  • Name and dose of medication (If applicable)
  • How long have you been taking it? (If applicable)
  • What information you request.
  • What has been taken. (names, strength & quantity) (Email or PM only)
  • How long ago it was taken.
  • Do you have any current medical conditions.
  • Height, weight and/or BMI.
  • How are you currently feeling?
  • Did the headache start suddenly?
  • Is the pain getting worse?
  • How long have you had the headache?
  • Have you banged your head recently?
  • Do you have any neck pain?
  • Do you have a temperature?
  • Do you have a runny nose?
  • Are you under any more stress than normal?
  • Does light hurt your eyes?
Please note that information on quantities should not be discussed in the forums or via PM with anyone who is not a First Aid Advisor.

Please note that no information will be given about lethal amounts or dosages of any type of medication. Nor will there be any information provided about what harm doing "xxxxx" will do to you.

Please do not share any information on methods to self-harm or any tips, including the best ways/places to self-harm. Discussion of techniques that people have not yet heard of encourages them to then go and try them and must be avoided at all times. Information on scar reduction and preventing / reducing the risk of infection, however, are very much allowed and encouraged.

For example : "I find it works best when I do ...", "If you cut yourself on your XXX then even your doctor wouldnt see it" , “If I took X amount of pills – would it kill me?”.

See here for RYL Rules

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Well it breaks my heart to see you this way,
The beauty in life, where's it gone?
And somebody told me you were doing okay,
Somehow I guess they were wrong.

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