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Exact stats

If I've learnt anything being on RYL it's that I am never alone in a behaviour, as awful as it is, that is comforting.

I used to keep pretty exact numbers of how many stitches or staples I needed, how many times I talked to crisis, how many times I walked out... stuff like that.

I was so careful for years to document everything. It made my self-injury feel more real for me. Less like I making up my pain.

Now though, I just don't care anymore. Maybe once you hit a certain number it stops being such a big deal.

Has anyone done this? I felt so weird knowing exactly how many admissions I had had and how many doctors I had seen, really though it soothed me.

Just a random afternoon after emerg thought.

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I used to do this. I keep a diary for when i need to talk to someone, and always if i went to A&E or had a hospital stay etc something would be written. I used to make sure I wrote down how many stitches I got and everything that was said.
I seem to have reached a point like you were i dont keep track of the numbers of stitches anymore. i dont know if its because it just keeps happening too regularly, or maybe because i feel so bad i just dont care and i know it will just keep on happening.

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I guess I've kind of done this but I don't think the way you mean. I more accidentally memorize numbers of sutures/staples because of my OCD but I forget them soon after since it's not like.. important. I dunno. But I think this is pretty common.

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Maybe not then same thing, but I used keep diaries full of times I took medications or OD's. Did it for years until I was hospitalised and couldn't keep track. Glad I don't do it anymore as it was kind of obsessive.


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Still keeping a record of when i did it and how, with additional photos. Maybe thats a bad thing, but I always done that. It kind of make me feel safe.

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