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Old topic, but this is/was definitely a huge problem for me. I just had to see with my own eyes that they are there and nothing else mattered.

So yea this isn't something rare, i think.

I wasnít strong enough
And you didnít give enough
When I needed you
I needed you

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painted smile
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I know I'm late but It's not strange at all, i feel the same way... My mom likes to see my scars fade and always wants me to try creams and stuff to make them go away faster, but it terrifies me to see them fade, i want to make more, but I'm really trying not to relapse, which i haven't since around October... but one of my biggest triggers is watching them fade but no one i try to talk to really understands that

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Old thread but still relevant. I check my scars everyday they are proofs that I was alive sometime. The only thing I could thing would substitute for scars might be tattoos - permanent reminders of pain.

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