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So I took this on June 8, 2007. I'm interested to see how my answers have changed more than 9 years later :)

1) What is the time right now?
11:38 PM

2) What was the last thing you ate?
a ho-ho (swiss cake roll)

3) Ever been white water rafting?

4) Who was your first kiss?

5) Last kiss?

6) Who is your cell phone provider?

7) Last 4 digitz of your number?

8) Do you have any pet peeves?
oh yes

9) Jealous of anyone right now?

10) Who is the funniest person that u know?
depends on the situation. People are funny at different times.

11) Ever quit any sports?

12) Most color in your closet?

13) Favorite Store?

14) DO you like kids?
for the most part

15) Got any names picked out for your future ones?
I know names that I like

16) Ever been bungee jumping?

17) Who do you take after - Ma or Pa?
mom more than dad

18) Beach or Pool?

19) Favorite Soda?

20) Favorite Food?
chicken alfredo

21) Favorite Restaurant?

22) Do you own a car?

23) If you hate someone, will they know it?

24) Ever fought for a guy/girl?

25) Ever cheated on a guy/girl?

26) Ever liked more then 2 guys/girls at once?

27) Do you ever wear lipstick?

28) One thing u could change about yourself?
more self-confidence

29) Do you have any piercings? Where they at?
no...I had one in each ear and one in my nose, but they've all closed

30) What did your last report card look like?
2 A's and a B (it wasn't so much a "report card" as it was just my grades listed)

31) Favorite show on Disney Channel? --WE KNOW YOU WATCH IT!
it use to be Lizzie McGuire. Haven't watched much TV in a long time.

32) Longest Friendship?
16 years

33) What does your bathing suit look like?
it's a 2 piece, black and purple

34) Ever wear black nail polish?
used to when I was younger

35) Have you ever had a screen name with the words "Sexy" "Babe" "Cute" etc in it?

36) Ever been to Meijer at an odd time?
never even heard of it

37) Ever stole anything at Walmart?

38) Can you sleep in a moving vehicle?
yeah, although not very well

39) Whats the biggest age difference that you have had between you and the person you have been interested in?
about a year and a half.

40) Ever lied to your significant other?
little fibs here and there

41) Do you straighten or Curl your hair?

42) Do you prefer to take showers at night or in the morning?

43) Over-used words or phrase?

44) Do you have any nicknames?

46) Would you rather live out in the country or in the city?

47) Everyday makeup consists of..
don't wear it

48) Do you sleep with your makeup on?

49) Ever whitened your teeth?
I think I tried once

50) Are all men pigs?


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