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Faulty item
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Born with natural rythm

Does anyone else think you are born and able to dance and look like your knowing what your bodys doing to the beat of the music. I once got threw out of a nightclub in barnsley by a bouncer for swaying while myfriend was in a cage thing dancing. he accused me of looking threatening john trovolta on mirtazapine.

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Voldemort's Bitch
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Some people do have natural rhythm. Helps for dance.
But some dances require certain skeletal structure and tendon development. I had good development for ballet, but an accident caused me to become 'bad' in terms of my body structure which prevent me from being able to do ballet as well as I used to.
Rhythm is a natural thing, but I guess you could learn to count beats and move with it.

Imperfection is underrated.

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Most people don't realize the spinal cord actually pulsates on a rhythm. When its exposed in surgery you can actually see it pulsating. Its not like a static cord in an electrical appliance. When rhythm predominates in music many people respond. Its like they feel the music more than listen to it. Rhythm is also hypnotic. I confess I have unusably good sense of rhythm that my musician friends often notice. My hometown was half black and my black friends often complimented me as the white guy that could dance to R&B. Maybe growing up on R&B tuned me up that way

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Field Of Paper Flowers
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Yeah I think certain people are born with a natural rhythm. I've taken dance for years from ballet, tap, pole, street, etc.

You looked threatening for swaying? Wow what a weird bouncer!

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