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Originally Posted by Stellata View Post
I don't know about teaching, but the rest of our council has had London Weighting removed. I'm in outer London I guess.
Haven't they adopted the London Living Wage, which is something like 8.30/hour?

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Yes. [NB that is before tax]. But they took off the London Weighting at the same time as taking off any weekend enhancements! So we're still quite a lot worse off - especially as I worked every Saturday.
But I still wouldn't want to teach again!

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Originally Posted by Narcissa View Post
arghhh, don't make me flid more!! I'm already worried about being a gay teacher in a rough inner city school =S
I was mainly talking about child on child bullying. Not so much involving teachers. I'm sure you'll be fine.

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Specialist colleges get more money for that specific area. So I'd you're a specialist science college you'll get extra money for science stuff but you're expected to engage with lots of science activities.

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Thats why half of them are sports orientated :p

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There are two types of academies. 1. 'failing' schools that are getting improved, 2. those schools which wish to have different funding. Not sure how the funding works but all the schools in my borough have become academies. In terms of the teaching, nothing has changed. I think there is just more freedom with finances.

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