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Contains sexual abuse - GYN and PTSD.

I recently was seen by my gynecologist for a possible STD,

The first time I was seen it was dismissed as nothing, the second time I was seen it was confirmed, definite STD.

I had to be treated for my STD with a "acid" of some sort to remove the growths.

Not only was the fact that I had to have my legs open and have a doctor looking at my vag traumatizing enough, but the acid burned really, really badly and it hurt so much it brought back so many memories and I found myself shaking and crying.

I never want to experience that again but my gyno said I may have to come back in two weeks to repeat the treatment.

I will die if I have to go through that again

I have no idea how I'm going to survive if I have to do that over again, I was literally sobbing when that acid started to burn and I couldn't stop shaking, it's a wonder how the gyno was able to even get the acid on.

How do people handle PTSD symptoms while at the gyno's office??

Come on, skinny love,
Just last the year.

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I'm sorry you've been through such an awful experience sweetheart. I'm so proud of you for going though, that shows real self-care & you should be proud too!

When I had to go for my smear test, I found it helpful to disclose the fact I was raped & had the nurse talk me through everything that was going to happen & I asked her to keep talking to me during the procedure so I could keep distracted, know that what was happening to me was normal & also to ground me as I heard her voice; it stopped my mind trailing off into a flashback.

x x x

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