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Four weeks on

We are now four weeks on from the rape, which I hasten to add was not violent, and I barely remember it, so compared to your guys experience it's a walk in the park, but I'm struggling. I feel low, I can't rely on anyone, the medical school are letting him.continue his studies, the police just extended the ivestigation, but now I've started being weak my family have started relying on me again. It's like when I was strong and there was all the initial drama going on they didn't find it to hard but now I need them they've revered back to our usual ways of me being the donkey carrying their stuff. They talk to me like I'm their friend who they can share problems with, but I can't carry it now I'm barely carrying my own stuff. I feel like every other woman who this happens to just gets on with life and I'm sinking, even though I'm protected at home in different city. I think this is going to take more than I have, and I am so sick of being the strong one I can't do it anymore

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Have you told your family you feel that way?

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I couldn't do that they would be really surprised

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You can get through this. I know it feels like you're the only one with this reaction but you are not - you have been through a trauma merely four weeks ago (violent or not, there is no "worse" when it comes to rape, every experience is awful and I'm sorry you went through that).

It's hard to admit you have been raped but please don't minimise your pain by saying it wasn't bad, wasn't violent etc. I did that too, still do sometimes, but you deserve recognition that what you experienced was wrong and I'm sorry it happened.

You're still only in the early stages of recovery so even though it might be surprising to them, maybe you need to sit them down and say recovery from this is hard, some days will be bad days and you deserve to look after yourself in that time.

Are you getting any support?

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