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Advice please

So yest when I was at work at my netball camp I got a phone call to say the police weren't sending the case to the cps due to lack of evidence

He blamed the fact mum didn't disclose what he did even though she knew I had told them so I'm really angry and confused at her

Does thus mean I'm a liar
I'm confused please help

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I am so sorry to hear about this.
Just because the police have let you down does not mean you're a liar. Maybe they needed more evidence in order to have a better case, but that doesn't mean you were lying. If you were lying, they probably would not have bothered with it at all.

I can't elaborate, but I can relate to being let down by the authorities like this and doubting myself even though I know exactly what happened and that I told the truth.

You have every right to feel the way you do about your mother not helping.
Do you have professional support right now to process this information and the feelings surrounding this news?

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You are definitely not a liar. I'm sorry things have taken this path, everyone deserves justice and it is horrible when it doesn't get legally recognised.

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I'm so sorry to hear this, I can't imagine how you must be feeling.
Please remember that even though it hasn't legally been recognized because of the lack of evidence it doesn't mean it didn't happen, or that your feelings & experiences aren't valid.

Sending you love <3

x x x

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Old 10-04-2015, 07:17 AM   #5

No professional well by a charity seeing them Monday cmht discharged 3 weeks ago

I'm so angry at my mum

I'm angry at everyone for making me go through that

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Fight for another day
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I'm sorry that you had to go through all of that with no result. I can't even begin to imagine what your feeling right now. It doesn't make you a liar though, unfortunately the way police processes work sometimes means that more evidence is needed for them to further proceed. It doesn't make what you went through any less valid though. Take care

"Recovery is something that you have to work
on every single day and it's
something that doesn't
get a day off."

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Hi guys thanks for your support

My head is mashed stuff isn't adding up don't know who to believe my mum or the police they both have there own agendas l

Rosa are helping but meh feel like saying **** it to everything n going away

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I can understand that you are livid, of course not fully because each experience is different, but I hope the anger that you reported it and went through that subsides, because it most certainly was not a waste of time. Even without charge, his name will always be on th e system, so if and when someone reports in the future, the allegation will be taken extremely seriously.there wasn't enough evidence this time, but with your claim.on the police records there really could be next time, so you have done the right thing and it's extremely brave, so be proud of yourself because this could still make all the difference in the future.

The cost are very risk averse. If they know there is not enough evidence for a conviction, they don't tend to take it to trial, there is the cost and they won't want to put you, the victim, through that if it isn't going to go in your favor. It's ridiculous, and the reason why so few result in convIction. My belief is that in a case with one word against the other, proof should not be beyond all reasonable doubt, it should be wHo is more plausible? In these cases, you have two people telling two different stories, one of whom is lying. I th ink, if they say the defendant is innocent, they should be sur enough as to say to the victim they are lying. In reality, this is not the case and when it is decided that a case shouldn't go to trial, they aren't saying you're lying at all, theyre just saying they can't prove that it happened beyond all reasonable doubt.

If my perpetrator doesn't get charged, I expect a call in fie years time asking me to come in to talk about something I once reported, because rapists repeat their offences, theycant help themselves. You did the right thing, and could have made all the difference to any victims that report in the future.

F xx

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