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How do you cope?

This probably seems like a silly question, but how do you cope day to day with what you have been through?
I have alot of sexual trauma in my past that I am now trying to deal with through therapy but just day to day existence is so hard. I just seem to stop and zone out. It just keeps coming into my head, keep remembering, having flashbacks and playing bits through my head. Every day is just so hard to be ok, to present this image that I am fine. I beat myself up because it all still has a hold on me after all this time.
How do you get through your days? what helps you when you are struggling with abuse stuff?

We are not our failures...

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I can't say I am in the same boat as you by any stretch but I do come from a medical background, and what you are describing sounds like depression with bits of PTSD. I'm not saying that as a diagnosis, I just want to draw your attention to some of the things you are experiencing that could be dealt with with professional help. There are targeted drug and psychological therapies that are specifically targeted to deal with these. Although these are of course a normal reaction to a totally abnormal situation, they are still not things you have to put up with if they are causing you this many difficulties day to day.

Sorry I can't be of much help, but stay strong


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I do have ptsd. I am medicated for depression and anxiety and am in therapy. Day to day functioning is just hard, remembering is hard. I am not communicating myself well.

We are not our failures...

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Flashbacks are actually the psyche trying to heal. A trauma is a shock. A shock suspends the mind's reasoning ability and opens the door to the subconscious - where things get inside. Elements of the trauma get inside the subconscious where they drive the intellect and even the body.

Flashbacks are the trapped elements trying to bubble up and burn off. Getting upset with the flashbacks keeps them from burning off - it reinforces the trauma.

Of course its natural to find some things upsetting but the way to get betetr is to become objective to them. Just "watch" them objectively as if from a mental, non-emotional distance. Don't be for or against them. Then the light of awareness burns them off like the sun turns cow poops into fertilizer for flowers

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I cope by trying to enjoy all the positives in my life, and really trying to absorb myself in the moment (when doing nice things). I do know how you feel and how intense the memories and feelings can be, but it doesn't mean that nice things can't co-exist alongside. It's really important to be as kind to yourself as possible too. I also find it helps if I try to designate time to feeling upset, going through memories etc so I get to process them, but the rest of the time I try and distract myself and get on with my life right now. Sometimes that's too difficult, but other times it can help.

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