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dealing with undiagnosed jealousy delusions

Help. I have been with my hubby for 10 yrs.3 kids. he has been accusing me of cheating on him, now hes saying through out our relationship. he has accused me of cheating with basically ever Male we know. It has gotten really bad. I am leaving with the kids in 2 weeks, we are moving out. my hubby wont even think that maybe he has a problem it's me! I'm just a lying whore.i love him so much and I'm slipping into a bad depression. he is my only family other then our kids I have no one. I took a lie detector test and passed all the questions, he then said I made him waste his money because I manipulated the administrator. I need help I dont want to lose my hubby plz help me!! is there anyone who has been through this, I am really wanting a Males perspective, if you have been this way plz help me convince my hubby he needs help! I have no were to turn

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Does he have any family that you are close too that you can take to about this?

I’ve never been in this situation but I can imagine it is very stressful. However if he isn’t willing to accept he is the problem I think you are doing the right thing by leaving. Have you spoken to any charities etc to get support?

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