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Rae Noctem
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Too any feeling rough, Or in a bad place.... =)

I am a self-harmer.

There is alway a urge you struggle with.

I spent 6 years self-harming, then another 4 years clean.
And after a majorly bad moment for me, I relapsed, only one more scar.

And it made me feel sick, and still does to see it there.

But I have been through a hell of a lot in fewer years than I'd like. But I am a fighter, I'm strong. And I now know I am officially done.

And this is a plea for any of you out there, that are stressed, struggling, depressed, sad, heartbroken.... or any other feeling you may have that effects you daily.

PLEASE... just reach out a hand, someone shall grab it and keep you up. Even a few simple words from a stranger can help.

And I'm one that is out-stretching my hand. You need to talk, I've been there, and want to help push you back out of the dark =)

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Slowly But Surely Losing My Mind
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Welcome to RYL!, and congratulations on making it 4 years clean that's absolutely amazing, relapses happen but you got right back on the horse and that's what really matters the most. I agree that reaching a hand out is a big first step into getting some help, all of us here are incredibly supportive and it's great to see a new face who's just as supportive.

♪"Tragic but I stand alone
With an empty chest it's a dial tone"♪

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Rae Noctem
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Join Date: Jun 2015
Location: England
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Thank you very much. And cheers for the welcome.
I know even a little support, from any place, can be a bigger help than realised, and would be happy to do my best I was actually an old face on this site back in 2006/2007, but lost my email. But managed to dig the site back up in order to see how things were going, and to lend a hand if needed.

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