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*Positive Recovery Post* - Worried About Haldon! Any Reassurances?

Hi there
I've been desperately searching some reassurance from someone who has been to Haldon eating disorder unit in Exeter, as I will imminently be going there from Taunton hospital where I am atm. I have been put on a section 3 as my organs were apparently failing. I'm 37 yrs old and had an eating disorder since 11/12 yrs old, but it's complicated because it's partly due to the fact I've had bowel surgery twice, and my guts cannot tolerate large amounts of food or anything heavy or what can cause gas/colic. Hence why other unit admissions during my teens never worked as the food caused so much pain it made me literally terrified of food and eating even worse. It seemed no one took into account I have GENUINE digestive problems including my entire transverse colon having been removed (when I was 14). Do Haldon take these things into account for each individual case? Do they negotiate a diet plan one can physically deal with without suffering discomfort and panic. Also, is there anyone who can give me an example of a weeks diet plan and if you can choose what to have. I saw a thread from some time ago and panicked as I don't know anyone who has two big cooked meals in the afternoon and teatime. As a family, and everyone else I know, lunchtime is something lighter like a sandwich and the main cooked meal is in the evening. It's even the same here in the hospital and there's no way my gut can tolerate a massive and different eating regime, and this is due to my physical issues, not just an eating disorder speaking! As I said, my case is complicated and I hope they will be able to work out an eating plan that accommodates my individual needs and issues. Is anyone able to offer any reassurance? Also, I'm scared of going there anyway as I just want to be happy with myself, my weight and my body so I don't keep relapsing. Have they helped anyone? Are you well and happy with life now? Do they negotiate a 'target weight that both you and they are happy with? So many questions and this is the only lifeline I've found online that may be able to reassure me as I am being assessed next Tues ie in one week and it's a long time to stay so anxious, even though I'm eating all my meals and gaining weight here, but I'm still here because my BMI was so low they need to restore all my vital functions with both an ng tube as well as eating. I'm terrified so I hope someone who can help!

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Hey, I'm so sorry that no one was able to answer your questions. I didn't know any of the answers which is why I didn't respond initially but I wanted to ask how the assessment went? I really hope they were understanding of your digestive issues and you've been able to find a way to work with them towards a healthier future.

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