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Getting upset when the food I want isn't available?

So whenever something I want to eat isn't available for some reason, I get really really upset and sad and I just want to know I'm not alone with this??

For example, the other day I went to get a tray of sushi for my lunch but they were sold out of the one I always get and I just stood there staring at the cabinet and my heart dropped and I felt so sad and a bit angry. I walked around the shop looking for something else to get but there was absolutely nothing else I wanted and it's just the weirdest feeling.

It happens at home as well if my boyfriend eats the last of something or doesn't tell me something has run out and then I come home expecting to eat like a muesli bar or something and the box is empty I get so angry with him for eating what I planned to eat even though he couldn't have known I wanted it..

Please tell me this is normal for ED recovered people and I'm not alone??

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Yep, I think it's fairly normal to struggle with a sudden unexpected change in plans, especially when food is concerned. In recovery, food can still be a source of high emotions as it is, without a sudden change to contend with. I've been recovered for years now but I still find comfort in my routines and I seem to have a better relationship with food when there is a plan I can stick to!

What sort of coping strategies do you use to try to deal with the anger and sadness that arise from these sort of situations?

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