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Irritated bowels for years. Doctors?

For the past decade I have had issues with my intestines. I either have chronic diarrhea or I don't poop at all for weeks. It's one or the other. I almost never have a 'normal' poo.

I eat enough fiber, drink plenty or water and my diet is mostly healthy though I do binge sometimes and restrict most days.

I saw an advert at my Drs surgery that said it could be a sign of bowel cancer.

Do I need to mention this to my Dr when I see her on Tuesday?

Or should I just assume it's because I'm on meds that can affect pooping habits and let it go and just cope with it?

Anyone in a similar position? What things at home can I do to make my poop more normal?

That was a lot of talk about poo!

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If you're seeing your doctor definitely mention it.
They can ask you a few question to see if it is something potentially serious, though with your history of anorexia and your eating being irregular it is probably related to your eating habits and how your body reacts to them.

Your doctor might be able to give some general advice though on how to manage it.

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I have an appointment on Tuesday with my primary doctor to discuss my pain management medication so I'll bring it up then.

I don't think it's associated with medication because I have changed medication so often surely there would have been noticeably different different side effects. They can't all have the same exact side effect. The only consistent drug is fluoxetine over the years. But I had this problem with my bowels before I even started medication.

What could it be? I have fibromyalgia (just recently diagnosed and I'm querying it) which might be contributing because it can cause IBS like symptoms.

I'm just scared it's cancer or something serious. I'm high risk for cancer and I get really really paranoid.

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I am currently:

Might have IBS - maybe try not eating gluten, soy etc. Too much dairy (glue), bread etc is a problem. Opioid pain relievers are also well known problem for sketchy bowels (they go numb or something). Not enough probiotics is a problem too (especially if antibiotics have been used).

There's a lot you could try. Let us know how things come out

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I am currently:

Yes to talking to GP about it. I don't want to put you wrong due to your ED but maybe ask about having food allergy testing and checks on your digestive health. I am learning new things about myself including mood/brain, digestive and immune system connections.

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I'll talk to my Dr about it tomorrow afternoon and let you know what she says.


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sherlock holmes
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What did the GP say?

What you have described sounds very much like an IBS type issue. The brain and gut are very closely connected and even a little amount of stress or emotional upset can affect the bowels majorly causing things like diarrhoea or constipation, pain, bloating etc. Also as others have said painkillers cause digestive issues, usually constipation in the case of opiates. And also having an ED will be another factor in digestive issues.

Bowel problems can be part of something like fibromyalgia or a kind of adjacent condition like full blown IBS.

I wouldn't advise drastically altering your diet without asking a doctor or dietician. It would be good to have a blood test to check for coealiac disease, but other than that there's not any reliable food allergy/intolerance tests (the ones you can do online or in alternative health clinics are bogus).

Keeping a food and symptom diary could be a great way of identifying any patterns though. Drinking plenty of water will help. Some people do find that fibre makes bowel issues worse (certainly does for me) so it's a case of seeing what your body is reacting to.

Relaxation is a fantastic way of calming down the bowels (and yourself generally). Any guided meditation/mindfulness is a great thing. I've got apps on my phone that help me to it- calm, 3 minute mindfulness, headspace to name a few.

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Thanks love.

GP said it was likely IBS due to fibromyalgia. So there's not much I can do expect what has already been suggested.

At least I know it's not anything majorly erious like Cancer

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I was recommended flax seed by ED dietician, for my IBS. It helps both sides of IBS. I put it in my morning porridge - the milled kind. I also swear by Peppermint Oil capsules when I get flare ups.

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