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Wound Care Question - excessive bleeding

I was at the hospital yesterday and had stitches
the wound kept bleeding and this is because I am on anti coagulant medication which makes my blood thin and not easy to clot
the doctor who stitched my wounds put dressings over the wounds and then he bound them very tightly with bandages and then put my arm in a sling with my arm held up high.
He told me to take the sling off and bandages off in the evening which I did before bed and all seemed ok.

Thing is I may have knocked my arm and one of the wounds has bled through the dressings and through my clothes.

I've bought some melolin and micropore this evening from the late night chemist and tried to fix it up so it won't leak again but I'm worried some of the stitches havne't held.

I don't know what to do. I'm worried it'll start bleeding again over night. May be I'm catastrophising.

Just not sure what to do. Got no bandages so can't bind it up.


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Thanks Epic,
I've put a load of melolin over it and it seems to have stopped.
I shall go to AnE if it starts again (hopefully it won't).
But thank you for your advice.

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same problem different wound
woke up this morning and blood all over my bed
looks like i need more bandages

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To be honest, and I'm sorry if this seems blunt, but it sounds like you need more than just bandages. I mean going back to a&e if you are in medication that thins your blood.

Can you talk to your support team?

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my social worker is coming to visit in half an hour or so i'll mention it to him
don't really want to go back to a and e spent 2pm til 10.30pm there yesterday and it was futile

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Did you tell a&e that you're on blood thinners? <3

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