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On Metrondiazole and Clarythimicin for H pylori in my tummy. I have bleeding down there, and early this morning my wee had blood in. I didn't get a leaflet with one of antibiotics so not sure of the side effects.

Can they cause this? I know it is not my period as I finished a week ago. Is it anything to worry about or do I not need to contact my doctor?

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Talk to your doctor.
They can tell you whether something needs to be done about it or not.

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Try to see a doctor if you're unable to speak to a pharmacist.

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Do NOT drink alcohol on metronidazole! Please x it has awful side effects but its a good antibiotic, and i hope you feel better soon. im poorly too so i can relate. get well soon, get lots of rest and if possible someone to wait on you!


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