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Headaches and going to the walk in centre

I've been having headaches for weeks now and been using paracetamol and ibuprofen.
I've been using the ibuprofen sparingly because I have asthma and history of stomach bleeding so shouldn't really use it at all but I felt a bit desperate.

Anyway no over the counter stuff is working. I take it all as prescribed regularly and it has no affect.

My sleep has been really bad too which is not really helping as I know poor sleep can contribute to headaches.

Anyway today is the only weekend day I have off work and I tried to make a gp appointment but they have no appointments left so I'll either have to wait another week or find another way of managing it.

I know I can see a pharmacist but I work in a pharmacy and and know that if otc medication isn't working we would advise seeing a Dr for further investigation and better pain management.

So I'm left with possibly the walk in centre which is open all day today.

But it does feel a bit like a waste of time because they cannot refer me for investigation (my gp would have to do that) However they could possibly provide better pain management till next week when I can try again to get another appointment.

Is it worth wasting the walk in centers time in this situation?

I feel a bit at a loss and can't really bare having the headaches much longer.. x

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Yeah, since you're not able to see a regular GP until next week I think it would be worth going to the walk-in centre in the hopes of getting something better for the pain. I don't think you'd be wasting their time at all.

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