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substance abuse

anyone else struggle with drug addiction problems? i've had a drug problem for almost 4 years now. i've done nearly every drug. my biggest demon is coke. i love the way coke makes me feel happy, numb, and void of conscious thoughts. i also like ecstasy and acid every now and then, besides regular use of pot, booze, and pharmies. i can proudly say i haven't blown any coke in about a month but i struggle with it every day. i used to do so much (about $200/day everyday)that i would wake up shaking because i needed it so bad. but yea, being caught in the trap of addiction gets ugly. why do drugs make you feel sooo much better :-/

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im addicted to blow. its been almost a year long struggle. i idenditfy with what you were satying about how coke makes you feel. it makes me personally numb and ..very good feeling. but on the outside it makes me a paranoid freakazoid. ive done just about ecvery drug other then smack and i can walk away from every drug feeling okay and not wanting more. coke seems to have me on a leash.

my advise to you is if your depressed then your obvious attachment to the drugs makes sense. try taking care of the initial problem and then mayube you wont crave drugs so much. speak to someone who knows what their talking about :P

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At the point I consider my personal rock bottom I smoked weed daily, ranging between 2-3 spliffs to an 8th each session. Coke, 3-4g's a week for about two months last summer and still feeling that dent in my bank balance. Otherwise just the odd line off a coffee table or back of the card in the gents. Pills/MDMA/Speed etc quite erratic use, depends on night out but on a average night I might do 2-3 E's, I remember doing 9 one night because I just couldn't get the same buzz off 'em anymore. I took LSD once that wasn't too pleasant, shroomies couple times but never hit me as much as I thought they would, after a huge depression bout where i seriously contemplated suicide on several occassions and fell out with my whole family in a big way I started to tidy myself up a bit. Getting over the drugs isn't easy, it's possible but don't think for one second it' going to be easy. You don't have to do it alone though, ride on the wave of cliche's that others are there to help, samaritans are a dime a dozen these days. Just don't wait til you hit rock bottom before you realise something has to be done.

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If I'm being honest the only reason I didn't/haven't become some sort of drug addict was lack of opportunity! I've only done coke a handful of times but liked it far too much and am glad that it's out of the question to get hold of in my day-to-day existence. Ditto ketamine. Also went through a phase of heavy E use, as in every weekend for several months. Personally I don't think E is something that is generally easy to become addicted to, although others may disagree. My main addiction was alcohol really, been free from that for 15 months now. I think if you're pre-disposed to a depressive nature, then drugs hold a definite attraction as they promise to let you escape yourself and feel different/better/not feel anything at all. The only thing I take these days in that respect is valium and sleeping pills, and that is on a controlled basis. So yeah...

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