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Triggering (SI) - the more time passes, the more i want to. wat to do wat to do

its been a lil over a month since i last cut...but now i cant stop thinking about it. not eating just isn't doing it for me. the more time i dont do it, the more i want to and need to do breaks my heart to not do it, but when i do i almost feel like i betrayed myself...i dont know what i want. i know i want to cut, but im trying to stop. idream about cutting, i think about cutting, its consuming my mind right now....i cant get it out of my system!!! wat todo, wat to dying, slowly in way or the other

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Fionas little world
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Hey, I know what you mean. When I didn't cut for a month, I really wanted to and then every time it got to another month, I really wanted to. It kind of came and went every time I hit a significant time but then if I didn't do it, I'd feel so much better for not. Maybe if you try and ride it out, you'll feel more positive generally for not giving in to the temptations.
As for the not eating, it's going to make it harder to cope with the stresses of life and it's going to be harder to fight these temptations.
What's been making you feel so bad, do you know?
Please, please take care and don't hesitate to PM me, I really want to know how you're doing.

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In my opinion, the first month or so is the hardest. Going as long as you have is a real acheivment, though not eating isn't very good, I hope you eat again soon, hun.

I know how crazy it feels and it's all you can think about. It is awful, but you can definitly get through it. It is possible, and once you're out of this you can know that you can beat any urdge. Distractions are great, even though I know it basically eats up your mind.

I hope you feel better sweetie, PM me anytime if you need to talk.

coley. x x x

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