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Friends don't understand

My friend and I have been friends for 8 years we used to be really close and get on really well until I had a mental break down four years ago I've been told by the doctor I suffer with bi polor and they've given me medication to help control my out busted but lately me and her haven't got on she hates me talking to others and meeting up with other friends she says I'm dropping her on her ass all the time when I'm not bit now I feel like I'm losing my mind again and I can stop feeling like I don't wanna be here I wish there was away to help her understand how I feel I've tryed telling her but she don't listen anyone out there that can help me please

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could you invite her with you sometimes when you see other friends?

maybe she doesn't have many other friends right now, and is feeling like she needs you all the time? not really sure

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I used to spend everyday with her and I do ask her to come out with me but she hates the people I hang with she argues with them and then she makes me pick so I try to keep them apart and spread my time to each of them but she moans I never spent enough time with her now I feel it's affecting me and making lose my mind as I try to keep everyone happy the doctor said not to stress out as it don't help me with it but I just feel I can't go on like this

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Have you thought about writing her a letter, explaining how you're feeling and what's going on right now?

You say you feel like you're losing your mind - have you spoken to your doctor about this?

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hey, sorry if this reply is a bit late, but i can really really really relate to this post.
me and my old best friend had been best friends for around 6 years, and through most of that time she was really controlling, not in a serious way but in the way that she'd make me feel bad about having other friends and she'd always make me drop everything for her. recently, she's moved on and has a new best friend and the relief, as bad as this sounds, is amazing. it feels good not to have someone questioning your every move and now i regret not taking action before hand.. maybe you should talk to her. and if she wont listen, which i know my old friend wouldnt, then ignore it. try and patch things up by all means, but dont feel like you have to sacrifice ANYTHING for her. just make sure she's not having a hard time as well, because no matter what happens between you two you will always have a past so it's good to keep the friendship healthy. But after you've spoken to her, make sure you're okay. You cant live your life for other people, it sounds like you have a lot to cope with recently and any more stress wouldnt be good for you i'm sure
just take care of yourself :)
sorry for the long post x

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