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Everything Inside
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mine just gone psyco on the new baby i dont no what to do!! and it went for me. im so annoyed because my new one may have to go back GGRRRR!!!!

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I love it when people say wabbit instead of rabbit.

/random post

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Caru y Nos
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Originally Posted by ~invisible~girl~ View Post
But Josh, wouldn't we have to go all the way back to Old English, not just modern British English? Languages are constantly evolving, and the majority generally wins
No, as other countries would have to follow the mutations and alterations which start in the country of origin to that language ;]

Though don't all majorities start off with an influential minority??? :-P

(i shouldn't really be defending my flawed claims after no sleep for two days lol... but you're always fun so how can i not)

spell check <3

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zomg i knew it! *eyes my bunneh* i knew they where all up to something! sitting there in the hutch lookin all innocent and cute and fluffeh and all along they where taking over the internet.

Luna says hi anywayz 8D

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