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What to post / What not to Post in this Forum

Welcome to the Substance Abuse forum. This is a place for people who have drug and/or alcohol problems, to receive support, ask questions, and to discuss their recovery from misusing these substances. Posts in this forum could include recovery-based discussions about the misuse or abuse of illegal drugs, alcohol. prescription medications, over-the-counter (OTC) medications and inhalants.

What to post in the Substance Abuse forum

* Discussions/questions about recovery from misusing alcohol, illegal drugs (eg - heroin, crystal meth, marijuana, mushrooms, ecstacy), inhalants, prescription medications (eg - anxiety meds, sleeping tablets, pain meds) and OTC medications

* Discussions &/or questions about the side effects and dangers of certain mind-alterating substances.

* Discussion &/or questions about treatment options for substance abuse problems, such as counselling, rehabillitations centres, and detox units.

* Discussion &/or concerns about the legal ramifications regarding a person's substance abuse problems, for example - court mandated therapy/rehabiliation, mandatory drug testing, suspension of driver's licence, court proceedings and imprisonment.

What NOT to post in the Substance Abuse forum

* Posts that 'glamourize' drug and/or alcohol use, or focus mainly on the pleasures and 'good times' resulting from using drugs, medications, inhalants or alcohol. RYL is a recovery based website, and so is the Substance Abuse forum - if you wish to discuss all the fun and 'good times' you've had with mind-altering substances, please find another website to do this.

* Posts that request or provide information about where and how a person can get hold of, purchase, or locate certain mind-altering substances - eg - giving out the location/phone numbers of dealers, chemists/pharmacies, bottle-shops that dont check IDs, or discussing the cost of drugs/medications and other substances that may be misused.

* Questions &/or concerns that mention specific drug or medication dosages. (eg - I've taken 2 mg of paracetemol, will this kill me?)

* Posts that are of a graphic nature or discuss suicidal feelings (please post in the Serious Discussion Forum).

* Posts that breach the RYL Terms and Conditions of Posting.

If you have any issues or concerns within the forum you're more than welcome to contact the moderators
(see staff listings).

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How to label threads correctly in the Substance Abuse forum. [please read].

This board is here so you can talk about any issues you may be having with substance abuse. Labels are in use in this board which will help you get the correct support you will need. Please use them when necessary.
  • Contains OD - for when your thread talks about overdosing.
  • Contains ED - for when your thread talks about an eating disorder.
  • Contains alcohol - for when your thread talks about issues with alcohol.
  • Contains illicit drugs - for when your thread talks about illicit drugs.
  • Contains medication - for when your thread talks about an issue with medication.
  • Contains abuse - for when your thread talks about abuse, either sexual, physical or emotional.

Please also abide by the RYL rules.


The forum moderators and the community team.

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