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'fixing' myself *SI*

i've never really thought about it before but recently i realised i've been cutting more on parts of me that i don't like about myself, like places i think are fat or too pale or just anything i don't like...

for example i've always hated my thighs and atm they are monsterously fat so i've been cutting them and i looked at them today and kind of thought they looked prettier with cuts, scars etc. on them, almost like i'd managed to fix what i didn't like about myself by cutting

does anyone else ever feel like this?

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I can relate to this so much sweetheart. Nearly all my cuts are now on my thighs/stomach because those are the parts of myself I hate.
Thing is, you might think they look prettier with scars now, but will you always think like that?
I know I have a few scars that I'd rather get rid of, and it does make wearing swimsuits and shorts very hard in summer.
Be careful sweetheart.

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I can relate too.
I cut tmy thighs because i never show them anyway as i hate them, so it doesn't matter if i destroy them.
I cut my stomach because i hate the fat, and i have an urge to get rid of it.
I'm blabbering now so i'll shut up but i just wanted to let you know that i understand what you mean.

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i can relate to the bit about them looking prettier, when my arms are covered i cuts, i think they look better, the cuts also have to be perfect, i feel so crap if there not.

xxxx take care

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i sort of know what you mean...
a lot of my cuts are on my thighs, and i really hate my thighs..

maybe its like a way of trying to distract yourself from what you don't like about those parts of your body?

and btw emma your legs are so so so not fat!
i mean it...i wouldnt lie to you, they really aren't at all..

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