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Living with this

After years of hiding my mental issues from people I've now had to give in and tell people as they are now un controllable the doctors want me to be section and be on medication for it, I though I could cope with it and move on with my life but now it's got to hard for my family and friends around me, I just wish there was some way I can control this with being section or dosed up on tablets, I've tried support groups, talking to friends, and I had know choice my mum had me arrested as I lost it they had a doctor come into see me now they are re-questing that I get section until they find away that can help me , but I don't wanna go what can I do to stop this happening if anyone out there can help me please do

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If they decide to section you, there's not much you can do hun :(
All i can suggest is to make the most of your time in hospital if you find it actually helps you.
Be on your best behaviour so your sectioning doesn't get any worse.
And distract yourself from these thoughts best you can. Easier said than done i know, but you own your mind, you can do this.


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i second that advice above. Use the time in the hospital to think and talk to the nurses. You may be able to figure a coping mechanism that keeps you safe. If you're on your best behaviour and then ask to leave, depending on how long the section lasts, then they may consider it if you're good.


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Thanks guys they are allowing me to use this site which is very helpful thank you all for your help

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