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Clopixol Depot

I'm currently on 450mg weekly of Clopixol.

Thing is, my hands tremor horribly & I suffer from horrific RLS.

Is this normal, does anyone else have the same?

I'm on Orphendadrin as well, but it doesn't seem to work.

I've been on Clonazepam before which helped but the Doctor won't put me on it until I see a Neurologist which could take months.

All I wanted to know this normal side effects.

Also on Lithium 800mg & Setraline 50mg.

My PRN is Haloperidal & Lorazepam.

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chill and hugs


Looking at your medication profile I am not surprised that your hands shake, you are literally taking a cocktail of drugs. As I know nothing about you and I have never met you I can make no judgement or comment on this. However, Extrapyramidal Side Effects (the movement ones, i.e. tremors) are a very common Side Effect (SE) of clopixol AND lithium AND sertraline AND no wonder you shake.

However, like I said, I don't know you or what you've been through, maybe the tremor is 'a lesser of two evils' and it's better than what else you were experiencing.
Try to see the positive benefits of any medication therapy.

But, to answer your question; yes, it's normal. For you.

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I have a diagnosis of Borderline PD, OCD & Paranoid Schizophrenia.

I am 32 & have been on meds since 13. Anti-Psychotics, Mood Stabilizers & Anti-Depressants.

Been in hospital constantly for 5 years including Mediums, PICU & am know in a Low.

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I am on clopixol but I have recently been suffering from shaking on my right hand side. Like the above poster said it's may be the lesser of two evils. For me clopixol is a life changer and I am reluctant to change meds. I have been prescribed procyclidine for the shaking and I am on diazapam prn.

I understand how you are feeling though. I wish I had answers but I wanted to say that you're not alone. I am wary of shaking as I had parkinsonism on risperidone and it started with shaking initially.

Wannabe CPN : -)
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It's due in 12 hours. HELP.

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