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I am currently:
Crisis team not having anywhere to put me


So apparently I'm poorly but more to the point, I went to see the crisis team at 1 am the other night, I'm banned from driving cause of my MH atm, so that was a hassle & anyway, I get up there after visiting 2 hospitals and seeing the dreaded police && they say I'm psychotic with paranoia blahhhh, but, they also said they have no beds etc, so they just put me back with my MH team today.
They keep trying to feed me diazepam but currently, I'm refusing meds for various reasons, I'm at a loss really. No one seems to be doing anything to sort this ****ing thing with people following me!

Could do with a hug/s/cuddles/pokes or somethings.


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sherlock holmes
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Sorry to hear that. Has anything been arranged for you yet? Are there crisis houses if no beds in hospital? x

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The Shadow of the Day
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I hope you're getting some support. Sending lots of positive wishes.

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