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It's ok, I do it because I have to. 16 22.86%
Nah, I hate making/receiving calls. 38 54.29%
Llamas. 12 17.14%
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Using Phones.

So I was just wondering, do you enjoy using phones?

Personally I have a fear of using phones, I much prefer texting/emails/PMing etc.

Do you have a bit of a thing about using phones?

Or are you totally comfortable making/receiving calls?

I remember hearing or reading something many years ago that men hate using phones more than ladies, as men need to see body language more, I'm not saying this is true or anything, I have no idea! What do you think? Could this be true?

Random thread I know.

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Old 11-05-2013, 12:12 PM   #2
Aimee :)
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I am currently:

Phone calls make me anxious. I wont even speak to my boyfriend over the phone. Apparently it's related to my social anxiety. My support worker makes all my phone calls for me :D

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My dad hates using a phone to make/recieve calls - he blames his hearing (which is perfectly adequate to make a phone call!) I think the body language bit is probably true :)
Teting/e-mailing etc I don't mind using a phone for, that's fine. I'm not too bad with phone calls but I tend to do it for (when I get frustrated because the other person doesn't seem to understand the situation) or b. support (where I get frustrated because I can't tell if the other person is taking on my advice, or planning how best to silently kill themselves while on the phone). Either way, I tend to find phone calls frustrating :P

And one can ignore texts :P

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I am currently:

I like speaking to my mum, sister and friend on the phone.

I HATE speaking to anyone else on the phone, especially people I don't know. It makes me anxious. I have to pluck up the courage whenever I have to phone people for things to do with gas/electric, other bills, letting agency, cmht etc.

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I both love and hate speaking on the phone.

I love speaking to family as I live quite a distance from them so it's a nice way to catch up.

But I hate to speak on the phone to people I don't know, or to make appointments etc as it makes me quite anxious.

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Old 11-05-2013, 01:07 PM   #6
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Phoning people makes me anxious.

And often when I finally pluck up that much needed courage, I get "blahblah is out of the office" or especially from my docs surgery to which my mum now rings up for me "theres no appointments left ring back tomorrow at 9am" to which you do and there is still no damn appointments.

And oh my days if I have to ring up some companies customer service and it's a foreign person who I can't understand a frickin word they say. Frustrating much.

I do however love to pick up the phone when someones trying to sell me whatever loans normally and I just give them hell or tell them I'm a millionaire

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I put llamas because I love the phone if I'm chatting to a friend and can spend hours on the phone! Though recently I haven't done much phoning which is sad!!

However most other phone calls make me quite anxious and I can do them I I have to but I find it hard and really have to psych myself up which is most bizarre really because if its a friend I don't give a damn!

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I put it's okay, I do it because I have to. I don't really like using phones as it makes me anxious but also it depends who it is, if it is one of my sisters, mum or a close friend generally it's okay. Otherwise generally I have to psych myself up to make a call.

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I am currently:

I also put it's okay, I do it because I have to.

But for me it all depends on who I'm on the phone to - there are some friends who I love speaking to on the phone and can chat with for hours.

QK <3

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Old 11-05-2013, 05:23 PM   #10
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I am currently:

I like phone calls if I am talking to my best friend or someone I know really well but I hate phoning up the doctors or phoning up companies. I have gotten a bit better at handling phone calls but I still don't really enjoy them much.

Sometimes I'm given the phone at work and whenever it rings I start flidding

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Old 11-05-2013, 06:04 PM   #11
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I hate phones. I hate talking to people I don't know over the phone. I hate talking to people I do know over the phone.

I think a lot of it is body language. I get nervous having conversations with people in person at times too, but not nearly as much as over the phone.

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I am currently:

I hate talking on the phone unless it's my parents or my CPN. It took me 3 years to get the courage to phone my CPN - it's that bad. I have only a mobile so I can see who is calling. If I dont recognise the number then I dont answer it.

I dont even give my phone number to people who I dont know - even the gas/electric/water company/DWP dont have it.

Wannabe CPN : -)
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I hate phones.

Hate phones so much that I don't pick up the phone if I don't recognize the number on the display as the one of a friends.
I hate it so much that I walk to my dr. to make an appointment instead of calling.
I always ring my best friend so she'll call me back.

I think it is because I dad used to shout at me all the time on the phone.

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Llamas, as hate is a very strong word.
I find phoning difficult, due to anxiety issues, but sometimes it's ok. I'm very self conscious and can lose my voice emotionally speaking face to face or on the phone. Texts and email are so much easier as I have the space and time and freedom to express myself safely. I have a manager who texts, then phone straight away while I'm replying to the text, which I find really disconcerting.

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angel of despair
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I hate it but can do it, even hate calling friends

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Love it!I nearly always call instead of texting.A lot of the time I'll text the person then ring them because I cant be bothered getting into a text convo.

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sherlock holmes
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I can do it when required. Talking to strangers is fine, talking to my boyfriend is fine, but anyone else is a bit dodgy because there tends to be awkward silences.

I used to be really afraid but I told myself to get over it, because there won't be anyone in the future to make my calls for me, it's a bit pathetic really otherwise.

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I am currently:

I am really scared of phoning people. I barely ever phone anyone except my boyfriend. I can phone family members, but I usually avoid it.

I am slightly better at answering the phone than actually calling someone. Ringing someone requires building up to it and my anxiety gets worse, but sometimes if someone rings me I can answer it, if I know who it is, and/or I'm expecting the call. Usually if someone phones I leave it and then text them later, or wait for them to ring back and then I am a bit more prepared for it.

My boyfriend sorts our bills etc and I make appointments face to face at doctors. My boyfriends mum has even pretended to be me on the phone before because I am too scared to speak on the phone.

But I can usually manage to use the phone for work, although I prefer not to.

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This is Sparta
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They're infernal devil machines as far as I am concerned. I can talk to my parents on the phone alright when necessary but that's the extent of it.

I'm not keen on E-mails either; I much prefer a proper letter.

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I'm another one who can't stand phones.
Although I can use them fine at work, but I think that's because it's for a strictly specific work related reason, there's no question of whether or not small talk is needed or whether I might be disturbing the other person.

Outside of work I only speak to my husband or my parents on the phone, full stop. The other day a colleague of mine (as close to a friend as I have at work!) told me we could meet up for him to give me some advice for an interview, but then he texted to say he wouldn't be at work and to call him instead in the evening. I pretty much cried.
Can't stand it!!
I think it's because I can't stand to inconvenience someone else, and when you call someone you don't know what they were doing, they might not want to speak to you but feel obliged to pick up the phone, I hate small talk, they might suddenly invite me out somewhere and I have no time to think of an excuse.... etc etc. It's too spontaneous. With texts you can consider the wording of your answer.

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