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Moving to a new highschool, extremely terrified and sick

Before I even start, I'm going to point out that I have awful social anxiety. But we recently moved from New York to Florida, and I start 10th grade in a new highschool on Monday. I feel sick and terrified. Even the little things are freaking me out, sitting alone at lunch, having to ask the teacher where to sit, finding my classes, things like that (advice on how to not be nervous about these specific things would be helpful too lol). So bluntly, how do I not get sick on the first day? I have a lot to catch up on, and I'm not a very open person, so I don't make friends unless someone comes up and starts a conversation with me :(

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Hi there,

I know how awful social anxiety can be, so I can somewhat understand how you're feeling.

As Auror suggested, you could ask for someone to show you around - it's usually a good way to break the ice with someone. Some schools have this in place for new students anyway.

Try to remember that everyone starts out like this at new schools. It's difficult but it won't be forever. Even the most popular person there started just like you without knowing many (if any) people, and I'm sure many will remember what it's like

I'd agree that I'd probably retreat to the library or somewhere similar until I got used to the place or how things work - just because I'd be comfortable reading by myself.

Good luck :)

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Try to remind yourself that everything falls into place and you will soon get to know the people there and make new friends. Be yourself, and be kind to yourself. This is a scary time, but it will soon feel like you have always been there. Look at the benefits too, exploring a new area etc.
I don't know what else to suggest but good luck. You can get through this.

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I understand what you're going through. When I was in high school, I transferred to a different high school for my senior year. I went through all of this. Is there an orientation you can to? If so, it will help you get acquainted with the building. If you're too scared to ask a student a question, ask a teacher. They are there to help you. If you notice some students that you share several classes with, introduce yourself. I know it's hard. My social anxiety used to be about 1000 times worse than it is now. If all else fails for lunch, find someone else sitting alone and join them. I hope everything goes well!!!

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As Einstein said life is like riding a bike - you have to be moving to hold balance. Just keep moving and doing what's in front of you. Have no goals. Its ok to be nervous - just dont let it get too important. Don't see yourself as small and everyone else as big. Everybody has toothpaste speckles on their bathroom mirror so dont be awestruck by people. Smile, say high, don't be desperate for anything. If people like you that's nice. If they don't feck it You'll be ok.

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How did it go?

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