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"The cure" - new poem

The cure
New years eve,
The world goes to bed
with celebrations ringing in their ears.
Not for what is past, for those crazy, messy years.
But for a dream.

of men in silver suits, shining in the sun
with robotic dogs and flying cars.
A hundred happy years all rolled into one
A pill for every malady;
hunger, so there is no famine,
greed, so the world is fair,
chaos, to undo the past.
‘21st Century’ it will say on the bottle.
The cure. We wake

with a BANG!
A bomb to shatter the illusion,
The only cure to our delusion.

The moment my dad read this, he said "Aren't those last two lines a bit pro-terrorism?" I never thought of it like that!

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That's really good... I like it :)

Jake- my superman <3
Helen- my amazing star <3

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