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Nymphadora Tonks
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Thank you Lovely Lana :) <3
It was such a lovely time, I agree many highlights and I knew fighting to get three shifts swapped (which involved asking 40 plus co-workers over three months!) would be way more than worth it xD

It's so lovely reading through the whole of this thread, uber well done to all <3
Thanks Claire-ROse for such an awesome idea and creation

'What came first, the phoenix or the flame?'
'I think the answer is that a circle has no beginning'

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I am currently:

- Continued to work really hard in all my therapies, and have built really strong therapeutic relationships
- Went on an amazing holiday to the States
- Have worked a lot on my art project and made real progress with it
- Started a new job that it turns out I'm rather good at
- Joined St Johns
- Met lots of lovely people and have developed some amazing friendships
- Discovered some good books and music that enrich my everyday life
- Enjoyed another year of being with my wife
- Went camping to Thorpe Park with friends
- Got new tattoos and piercings

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Old 24-12-2015, 03:47 PM   #23
baby its cold out there!

the ice bucket challenge!

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I am currently:

This is a fantastic thread, as I'm ending this year with a lot of negative feelings regarding relapses and career. Actually, many good things have happened this year, but my fave thing to do is focus on the bad stuff that I need to improve/change. This is good when you want to grow, but not fantastic for evaluating the year as a whole, or feeling successful.

Good things that happened to me in 2015 include:

Getting rid of my dodgy boyfriend and joining da gays. Generally coming out to a few friends has been a big thing.

Excitement, hard work and dedication to the final phil concerts in Liverpool in the first half of the yr

First class degree.

Gained a job with a presigious orchestra, and learned so much about running orchestras that sometimes it falls out of my ears when I tip my head.

Moved to London despite major fuss from the family

Made some fantastic friends I hope to keep forever and ever!

Talked about major awk awful things that have been simmering away since forever, and the world didn't end

Seeing Matilda in London after many years of fantasising!

Developed a love and acceptance for mushrooms

Enriched my life with a lot of pineapple on pizza.

Realised that I actually like teaching, and would consider it as a career.

Found lovely pupils to teach.

Had two lessons with a super duper professional violinist. Told I could make it in the professional world with some work.

My auntie got the most gorgeous dog, and it's probably half the reason for my return to Liverpool for the holidays, and my existence in general.

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Old 24-12-2015, 09:26 PM   #25
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Join Date: Apr 2015
Location: Kansas
I am currently:

It's been a long year, but let's see what I can think of...

- Restarted college
- Got a part time job that I actually like
- Went on a trip to Nashville with one of my best friends
- Started medication for my skin which seems to be working *knock on wood*
- Have started to get a little bit of confidence back in myself
- No SH this year
- Had some fun times with friends

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Old 24-12-2015, 09:46 PM   #26
No Sylvia Plath
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I am currently:

Love, love, LOVE reading this thread, and all the amazing things everyone has achieved. Hoping next year will be even better.

I thought of some more!
-Holiday to Iceland.
-managing to organise a couple of meet ups with friends (as in actively taking charge instead of just letting others organise for me)

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And yet, by heaven, I think my love as rare,
As any she belied with false compare.

There she was. Gone.

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Old 25-12-2015, 08:21 PM   #27
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I am currently:

Oh and seeing Hamlet with Benedict Cumberbatch. Not sure how I forgot about that!

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Old 03-01-2016, 10:05 PM   #28
formerly: Ghosted Liberation & GhostsInSnow
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I am currently:

- Started my driving lessons again
- Reconnected with some old friends
- Made some lovely new friends
- Redecorated my bedroom
- Started an Animal Management course
And finally probably the achievement I'm most proud of, given how bad my anxiety is, I managed to do a presentation in front of the entire class in December instead of taking the option of just presenting it to a couple of friends and my tutor ^_^

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Old 03-01-2016, 10:16 PM   #29
Voldemort's Bitch
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Location: London

-Final year of uni half done
- Moved into my own flat
-made new friends
- met up with old friends
- made progrss in therapy and with my recoery

Imperfection is underrated.

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Old 09-01-2016, 11:15 PM   #30
Field Of Paper Flowers
Random Hero
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Location: UK
I am currently:

I'm a bit late, but I wanted to take part in this as it's such a lovely thread. :)

- I finished my MA, passed, and graduated!
- I went on two holidays, both to my second home.
- I finally got to go to London, as well as Hyper Japan, and to see The Book of Mormon.
- I got a new job.
- I got a new car.
- My mental health towards the end of the year has seemed to improve dramatically.
- I finally have a PS4, something I've wanted for years.

I can't think of anymore. xD

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Old 10-01-2016, 07:22 PM   #31
I'm safe up high.
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Location: On a cloud

I'm also a little late, I didn't see this thread originally, but I want to share as things are much more difficult now than they were before, but that doesn't mean I didn't have such an amazing 2015 and have wonderful things to be grateful for.

- completed my placement year with research psychology, which was a wonderful experience with wonderful people where I learnt an incredible amount
- continued an amazing friendship which I am incredibly grateful for
-made many more new friends, who I hope will continue to be my friends in the future
- started opening up to those I should about life stuff, and worked really hard in therapy to get somewhere (potentially backfired but totally irrelevant)
- travelled to Spain with one of my closest friends which was brilliant and didn't end in disaster
- completed Camp America in a Special Needs Camp in New York for 3 months which was one of the hardest but most rewardable experiences of my life so far, I met some amazing people, campers and counsellors, some of whom I hope to be friends with for a long time, and experienced so many things I could never have imagined.
- travelled America after Camp, seeing some beautiful places along the West Coast; one my most memorable travelling experiences
- halfway through my final year of my degree (hopefully, after my exams!)
- somehow secured a job in a mental health field, which I am able to keep after I graduate
- despite various setbacks in life over the last few months, I feel I've tried more than I ever have before, and have managed to overcome a lot of things, which has improved my strength in general and shown to myself that there are things I can do, and I don't need to let the world fall apart around me.

Have you ever looked fear in the face and said "I just don't care"?

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Old 12-01-2016, 01:44 AM   #32
Steel Maiden
There is no place like
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Location: London

I survived another year of uni.
I sold some of my photograph art.
I managed a year of living on my own with external support.
I did well in my exams.
I stayed out of hospital for another year.

PM me if you want a PDF copy of the ICD-10 or the Mental Health Act 1983/2007. I ALSO HAVE THE DSM-V BOOK and am a pharmacology student.

I have a visual impairment / neurological problems so I need people to type in clear text and no funny fonts. Also excuse any typos, my vision blocks things out.
I have autism and have problems communicating, PMs included.
Just becasue I type well doesn't mean I speak well. I am only part time verbal.

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