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over and out
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Moving out

Hi, I was wondering if anyone has experience of moving out from home whilst suffering from depression? My friend asked me to move in with her because I've been staying with her recently and she's noticed a positive change in my mood. I think its a good idea but I don't know if it will make my depression worse or how to discuss this with my mum.

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"Mum, I've wanted to move out for some time permanently, ive been staying with ______ for a brief time as a trial period and its been great! ! My mood has lifted and I feel positive, so Im just letting you know, its official Im moving out!"

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I lived with roommates for four years, always coming home over the summers. The first three I anxiety; the fourth my anxiety was bordering on depression.

I was fine doing so, though I will admit for about the first three weeks I was really upset living with my friends and was trying to devise ways to move home. After that period, I started to enjoy myself and our Netflix and junk food nights. But those three weeks could be rough.

I think the nice thing about living with friends is that there's a good distraction there - instead of sitting at home all the time, upset, you can push past and focus on other long as you're in a place where that's possible.

How far away is this new location? What kind of commitment would you need to have? Is there a way you could try it for a few months, and go from there?

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be positive
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I guess you will never know til you try. I moved out completely on my own at 18/19 and I had plenty support from a good friend plus could still visit home easily. My moods were majorly effected though. The lows were very low. No one to prevent destructible behaviours. My good times.... Well they were awesome. No one to bring my mood down once doors were closed. Eventually my moods evened out ad I learnt to control the lows and stopped worrying about my good times being ruined once doors were closed. I never thought I'd manage it but I did. If I never tried I'd still not know it �� support in any way is good. If you are living with your friend have a serious discussion and be sure she is ready for the ups and downs and will be understanding but also not afraid to point out any obvious detrimental changes effecting your health. If you have care workers ask for extra support and be open with them so that they can help
positive thoughts. Change can be really good x

Some days are still hard but they make the good days seem all the better :)

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