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over and out
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initial assessment

I have my initial assessment for therapy next week but I have no idea what to expect. Can anyone give me some insight into what it might involve? Also, are they allowed to share that I self harm?

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Goodluck they will prob ask you some questions x

i won't ever give up on you xx

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Moonlight Princess
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Good luck for next week :)

I'm just trying to remember what happened in mine....,
They might possibly ask briefly what your family structure is like (this won't be any detail, just who you live with etc) so they know whether and what kinds of support you have around you.

I think this also depends on what you're being assessed for but if it's for depression or depressive symptoms you might fill in a form about how you've been feeling physically and mentally over the past two weeks called a PHQ 9 so that as therapy goes on they can monitor whether it's helping you or not (you might fill them out a few times)

Of course this is all in addition to what Carmen said as well!

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over and out
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thanks for the replies, very nervous to disclose things cos my family are not supportive whatsoever and I dont want to share any info with them anymore. stubborn I know but when I needed my mum she ignored me yet a woman at work has been like a mum to me!

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How old are you? (24?) Are you in the uk?

If so I imagine you will have been referred to therapy I'm assuming therefore they will have some idea of what's going on. Chances are they will ask you lots of questions but again this will depend on what type of therapy your being assessed for.

In terms of confidentiality it should be totally confidential if over 18 unless your a risk to yourself or others and chances are even they they wouldn't disclose to your parents unless you asked them to.

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over and out
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sorry yes I'm 24 from the UK. I had to self refer and cos it was a quick appointment cos of a cancellation I havent gotten a letter yet. my doctor didnt really explain much either just told me where i can go to self refer. Thank you for the explanations though. I don't feel as if I'm going in blind.

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