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Kpop, anyone? ^_^

I'm a big fan of Kpop (korean pop music) and it would be awesome to know if any other of you are as well! ^.^ I'm going to get really fancy and list my favourite groups + my biases. (for anyone new to kpop, your "bias" is your favourite member of a group!) - I think it would be a fun way to get to know some of you through your favourite bands and artists.

BLACKPINK - Rose and Jisoo (I just CAN'T DECIDE)

2NE1 - Park Bom

Mamamoo - Hwasa

BTS - Suga


f(x) - Amber

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2NE1, Big Bang, GD, Hyuna!!!!

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i don't really care about groups overall, more just a song-by-song basis kinda person. i prefer artists that do a lot of solo work cause idk the groups usually seem so "processed"

but idk how you picked park bom over cl lol

cl is queen

too bad she took too long with an english release, had to strike the hammer while it was hot

i also really like boa but she never really got the fame she deserved, probably due to her label not really doing much for her on her US tour, played some pretty terrible venues

kim heechul is my favourite male kpop star but mostly because of his variety show appearances than any music he's been in. he's freakin hilarious though

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Originally Posted by MoNo View Post
but idk how you picked park bom over cl lol
I LOVE CL... but Bommie is just so "me" haha! I find myself a little bit similar to her, personality wise.

Also agree with you on BoA. She is an incredible singer who has been around a long time. She has had some great success but not as much as other pop stars and it's a shame!

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I'm glad I found a kpop forum on here! I love all of those groups, especially f(x) and got7. Choi youngjae and amber liu are my ultimate biases, they're so talented.
CL is a queen, i agree

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Yesss, CL! Love her. She was always my favorite of 2NE1 from the very beginning.

I wouldn't go so far as to say I'm a huge fan of k-pop. I mostly only pay attention to girl groups/female artists, but I do appreciate the genre. The music makes me smile.

Out of the other groups you mentioned I love BLACKPINK, especially Rose! I occasionally listen to BIGBANG too. I feel like Daesung is really under appreciated... hm. To the person who mentioned BoA, yeah, she really should've been more famous...

Some of my personal favorites I wish to add

CLC - Sorn

Lovelyz - Mijoo

VIXX - Ken

Girls' Generation - Hyoyeon

Apink - Eunji

Red Velvet - Joy

BlockB - U-Kwon

There are so many to choose from...oops. I take back what I said about not being a huge fan of k-pop! I didn't think I'd be able to name so many non-disbanded groups. (ex. 4Minute, SISTAR, Wonder Girls, etc... or in the case of Ladies' Code, having members die) They're not groups, but I really like IU, Sunmi, HyunA, Jessi and E.via/Tymee as well.

Okay, I'm shutting up now. Sorry everyone. Haha.

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