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Does being diagnosed with something hold you back?

As of right now I've been diagnosed with depression and anxiety but I think I may have something else too, manic depression possibly as well as maybe something else. But my parents who I used to talk to alot about this stuff said that I shouldn't get diagnosed because it meant I might not get hired and I'll always have this label stopping me from doing everything I want to in life. My question is will this happen? Is it better to stay undiagnosed? Or to figure out what's going on so I can get the help I need?

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In my experience of having been diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome, it's best to be diagnosed because a diagnosis can help you make sense of why you're different and why you have needs that others don't. Staying undiagnosed - that is, having all the symptoms but refusing to label them - doesn't make the problem go away, it just makes you blame yourself whenever you struggle. You don't have to tell anyone of your diagnosis, any more than you'd have to tell anyone if you were gay. I certainly didn't mention it at my last job interview.

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In my experience getting a diagnosis was helpful as it neatly describes what I experience and enabled me to get support.

In my previous job it was used against me which was hard but without the diagnosis I probably would have lost that job because I would have still had the same symptoms just without the disability act to protect me.

In my current employer has been really good.

It took a while to get a diagnosis and even longer for it to go from suspected bipolar to bipolar. The biggest improvement I found was when it was acknowledged that there was a cyclic nature to my mood disorder rather than just focusing on each depressive episode as a stand alone event.

It took me a long time to talk properly about what I was experiencing in fear of what if would mean long term. I had a fear of a getting a diagnosis too but ignoring it didn't mean it went away. It didn't mean that people didn't judge me. If anything that was worse because I didn't have an explanation and I didn't have effective treatment.

Do you think you could talk to someone about this?

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I don't really know who to talk to. My parents keep wanting me to push everything under the rug, I think partly because my brother has a lot going on and they can't handle two people or something. I could try to get an appointment with my doctor but I'm not sure how much she can do, or if I need to see a specialist?

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It honestly depends on the job. I know in the UK there are some jobs that you cant have if you have a mental health diagnosis.

Ex. The military, some political jobs, the police.

There are also jobs thats are harder to get with a MH diagnosis, like, healthcare jobs, security, ect.

So it can depend on the job, the country you live in and the law in that country.

Sometimes it can just depend on the employer. Some dont care some care too much.

However my personal experience has be quite negative so I guess it all about balance.

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Getting diagnosed won't hold you back from getting jobs. You can choose to not disclose your diagnosis if you don't want to. The stuff you said you might have won't stop you from anything, unless you don't manage your symptoms. Other than that, get diagnosed so you know what to do and how to handle your symptoms.

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