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Should I tell my friend that I S.I?

So, I want to tell this friend of mine about my S.I, but I don't know if it's a good idea. I know that she's suspicious and is already approximately aware and she has been very supportive but always indirectly, yet I feel so nervous at the idea to say it out loud to a person I met at the beginning of the school year or to anyone for that matter. I am also afraid it will all be cringy and uncomfortable since it doesn't seem that big of a deal for me anymore. What should I do?

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What would you hope to gain from telling your friend? Maybe it will come naturally at some point in your relationship, it doesn't need to be a forced thing. If you think it would be beneficial to hell her then you could try printing some info from the internet if that would help to explain things. Do you have any support? I hope you can decide what to do for the best.

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