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A question about hearing voices

When you find the right medication, and the voices stop, how do they stop? Do they get harder to hear? say different things? whisper? or stop all of a sudden? Please tell me your experiences :)

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when i started on meds, the voice started coming less and less often, and harder to hear when it did occur. not like it got quieter, but like i was trying to lip read through a window or soemthing, if that makes sense? and then after a while it stopped all together. it took much longer for the beliefs connected to the voice to go away adn i still struggle with them sometimes.

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Well ,I wasnt taking my meds after the first time as as inpatient ,thought there was nothing wrong with me .So the voices became less frequent at first ,like at the very start they were continuos .Then they stopped ,then ,I stopped the meds and they started to come back when I was in my room alone .They got worse the more I got stressed ,and as time went on ,till they continued even as I was talking to others.
Ended up inside agin ,where this time I fervently took my meds ,the voices became lesss frequent until eventually they disappeared.
So lesson of my life ,was take the meds .
sorry if this doesnt make sense but Im describing it how it happened to me.
Any questions ,ask me .
Edit ^ as above the beliefs attached to the voices are still with me .

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My voices decreased gradually in intensity and frequency. I once thought they had completely disappeared until they returned a couple of months ago...what they said was simpler, quieter and less intimidating.

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